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How do you know when the time is right for you to stop smoking?

I have been smoking since I was 9 yrs old. I like the taste of my menthol’s. I have try everything from the gum to the doctor butting me on the medication. I just can’t stop and i think its because I like the taste to much. What do you think?

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9 Responses to “How do you know when the time is right for you to stop smoking?”

  1. Cassidy L said :

    i think that you should stop smoking right away especially if you started at 9yrs old. every time you smoke you lose 11 minutes of your life.

  2. slowly said :

    The question is:”do you want to quit”
    If the answer is yes :just stop
    I smoked since I was 12.I stopped 2 years ago. I smoked a box in 2 days.(10 a day) I decided I was getting too chubby and needed to go jogging,but I was out of breath too quick,so I just stopped smoking.
    No gum no nothing.I just wanted to stop for the better good.
    So I did.
    Good luck.
    If you don’t want to stop:Don’t
    Just do what You want.But follow through once you choose something

  3. AKA Inverse Mushroom Cloud said :

    I used to smoke. I told myself the same thing, that I liked smoking and didn’t think I could quit. I smoked menthols for 25 years. One day I found I had a pain in my lung. It scared me. I got the patch and started using it and quit.

    After I quit, I realized that it wasn’t so much that I “liked” it … I was addicted. I saw friends and associates smoking and each time they put the cigarette to mouth and inhaled, I saw it as someone putting a needle in their arm and injecting. That’s exactly what it is.

    A woman I worked with, a smoker, developed pancreatic cancer. She continued to smoke. I asked, incredulously, “why are you still smoking”? It’s not the right time to quit, she replied.

    I realized, if you wait for the right time to quit, you will never do it. There is never a right time. It never comes. There is always some source of stress … some source of anxiety … some imperfection in your life that is going to give you the excuse to smoke.

    Just quit. If you need the patch, buy it. If you need the gum, buy it. If you need Wellbutrin, get it prescribed by your doctor.

    Just quit. It is the best thing you will do.

    You know what I discovered.

    It wasn’t really that hard to do, with the patch and gum. If you believe you are stronger than the desire to smoke … if you choose not to smoke … then you will win.

  4. TruDatiz said :

    Society made smoking seem so harmless but yet it is harder to quit than any other drug out there. I feel where you come from, it’s real easy for non-smokers to say “Just quit” but they can’t understand that it is a huge struggle even for the most strong-minded person. The goal is to remove the nicotine from your system completely but the Pharma industry only creates more stuff with that same ingredient that might keep you from inhaling the smoke but the nicotine is still there and so is the root of the problem. A lot of it is mental, such as the gesture of smoking and being bored or stressed (have you noticed that you smoke a lot more when you are sitting around other smokers as well?) and then again lots of it is physical as well. Most people feel the need to smoke after they eat because their digestion system is just so used to it, otherwise they feel sick. I’m sure plenty of you have noticed how much weight you put on once you quit, which is also another reason for smoking to a lot of people. This is an addiction like any other, only that there are rehabs for them and no excuse to lay off work or interfere with your daily life on this one. The only way out is to intervene, but you need PLENTY of support from the people around you and you have to find other things to occupy yourself with and WANT to quit mentally. It is impossible to quit when your husband/wife does it around you, just the smell is so tempting and sooner or later it’ll be your downfall. I know it might sounds silly, but put a big reward at the end of that tunnel (car, clothes, a trip etc) and picture a healthier, better YOU. I’m sorry if this turned a bit long but this is a subject i’ve been surrounding myself with for a minute. I don’t know what will work for you (my Uncle quit for good after 35 years as doctors told him they’d give him 2 years at the most after taking Champix for 2 months) You know it’s time to quit when your body shows the first signs (coughing, mucus, walking stairs, gym etc)

    I wish for you to find that strength to save yourself and give your family the gift of having you around longer.

    God Bless!

  5. Bill said :

    I smoked for 9 years and quit last year. I LOVED the taste, I loved the way it made me feel, I loved the image, I loved everything about it. Or so I thought. You’re addicted. Nothing tastes so good that it would make you spend thousands of dollars per year and will inevitably kill you. The following resources really helped me to quit:

    As well as Alan Carr’s book, “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking.”

    The best time to quit is right now. I feel healthier now than I ever have, and I have a lot more money in my pocket. The right time to quit is NOW! Good luck!

  6. jim said :

    For me, it was while I spent a week in the hospital for pneumonia. I swore I would never touch another cigarette when I got out, and I haven’t.

  7. jason r said :

    I have been using green smoke for a while now and i can tell u its 100% a healthier alternative than smoking! no carcinogens carbon monoxide or tar, just nicotine and u can use it to ween yourself off if u like……. but the best part is it looks and feels like u are really smoking but its just water vapour!! check out the website and read up on the benefits I’m sure u will be as impressed as i was!!! u can also use this code disc10-7097 to get 10% off the price should u decide to join us green smokers lol hope this helps

  8. slasher said :

    Just Me,

    You’ll never know when it’s the right time to stop smoking, seriously. You either stop smoking now or continue smoking.

    When you think it’s hard, it’ll be hard. If you think it’s possible, you can stop smoking. There are many programs and books out there you can read. Most smokers continue to smoke instead of quitting is because they don’t know how to quit smoking. Your first step is to learn how to stop smoking in a correct way. Then, you can start your next step which is to really stop smoking. Read allen carr’s book or Successfully Stop system at Then follow the system.

    You’ll be surprised that you actually can stop smoking after a while.

  9. Adeel T said :



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