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How to get your parents to stop smoking?

my friend’s parents smoke, A LOT. she wants them to cut down or try to get them to stop. but it is hard for their parents, they are trying but its not working, and my friend is really scared because they have been smoking for a long time and this has definately ruined their health, so some ideas?

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6 Responses to “How to get your parents to stop smoking?”

  1. billhantzis said :

    Tell them to sign on to and maybe they will get the idea that to live a looonnnggg and healthy life they will quit. Good Luck!

  2. frooliemew said :

    Tell them to make a video of themselves pleading with their parents to stop smoking. Have them talk about how devastated they would be if they died of cancer or a heart attack.

  3. thatgirl said :

    Ooooo!Tell your friends to Gather his/hre parent sit them down and have a talk with them.Set up a small presentation that shows the effects and the long term damage of smoking.Be sure to get detailed information.And maybe your friend can get some pictures of people with damaged lungs and show it to her parents,not to scare them,but to entice them into quit smoking.GOOD LUCK!

  4. Millie said :

    Everyone who smokes has “triggers” that will cause the person to pick up and light a cigarette. Find out what those triggers are and change them.

    As an example, it could be they like to have a cigarette every time they drink a cup of coffee. If they changed that to something else, say tea or soda, the trigger is gone and they are less inclined to light a cigarette up because the trigger is no longer there. But beware, there are probably alot of triggers and some of them won’t be easy to change.

    Some triggers are hard to find, like it may be the trigger for the coffee needs to be changed rather than the trigger for the cigarette (in this example).

  5. sweetistperson said :

    you can’t, they have to stop smoking on there own

  6. fusion2090 said :

    Try this website for quit smoking help and information. Quit smoking can be a very stressful experience so you’ll need as much help as you can get.

    Remember why you’re doing it! (Family, friends, general health)

    This is what yoo’re exactly looking for.

    Don’t give up and good luck!


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