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How can I influence a fellow student to stop smoking?

How can I help a child in the 4th grade to stop smoking? I know its true because I saw him and he lives in a “bad neiborhood.” his brother goes to school with me and he doesn’t know because I’m the onlyone that his brother can trust to tell. Does anyone know how to stop him?

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5 Responses to “How can I influence a fellow student to stop smoking?”

  1. xxcheer93xx said :

    you cant make him its pretty much up to him maybe counsling would help or somthin

  2. kerry B said :

    You could get literature from doctors rooms or on the web about smoking and how bad it can be for his health.Give the info to his brother.

  3. heavenjesusbible said :

    tell on him tell his mom & dad tell the teachers the princpal,tell any adult that will do something about it.

  4. ccseg2006 said :

    yes his family has to know unless they smoke too
    … trust me it is impossible to smoke and not stink like the dickens … tell him how bad he smells ….. and avoid him and tell him when u see him you stink … he will stop once he realizes how bad he does smell

  5. pinochhiowb said :

    Its very easy for a child to get influenced by people around them to adapt themselves to vices as they are not in literal meaning addicted but they try to imitate or portray what they see others do, especially their idol person or maybe a hero.Its not easy to lure them away from it as if shown too much importance it may leave a permanent impression on their mind but yes you could give it a try. Make it a point to offer him Chewing Gum every time you meet him or see him or make it a point to meet or see him at least for some days, because its such a thing which even his idols would also like to chew and chewing gum is proved to kill the urge of nicotine. Whenever you meet him and offer a chewing gum also try to casually talk to him more about the advantages of chewing a chewing gum, like its cheap and its more easy to get and that he does not have to worry about hiding it nor its odour etc. rather than telling him disadvantages of smoking remember do not over emphasise on the topic but try and give it a casual twist like the way you would speak to your friend, in short he needs to start building trust on you. Then you can reveal the fact that you know he smokes remember this is the point which is most important so try to be as subtle as you can (very important!!!) DO NOT STOP HIM OR CRITICISE HIS SMOKING at this time. Once you believe he is quite comfortable talking to you about his smoking habit then try begin with why you do not like smoking and slowly speak him out of the vice as by that time I am sure he will also be more influenced towards eating a chewing gum. This may take you some time in your life, but the satisfaction of what you achieved will be limitless. God bless you both and all the best.


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