How do you slow or stop the affects of psychosis when stopping smoking marijuana?

I’m a bit worried about how my mental state will react when I stop smoking weed after being a heavy user.

Does anyone know of any non-prescription drug techniques that can help during this time period?

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4 Responses to “How do you slow or stop the affects of psychosis when stopping smoking marijuana?”

  1. lukeflesh said:

    Accepting Christ as Savior and finding a REAL hope and Joy in life…

    I speak from experience…

  2. Joshua H said:

    No, but I think you’ll find that stopping marijuana use has only a positive effect on psychosis.

  3. djembe_mick said:

    Hey there from Aus.I have been a solid daily user of straight pot for almost 40 years now,and have decided to stop cold turkey,sure i have ranted and raved most of the day and night for 4 days now,it has been very hard and some times i think i will just start again,its easier,i feel like i am going crazy with my thoughts and yell out loud at the top of my voice,sweat heavy every night from body shock and use a punching bag or bean bag to take it out on so i don’t go hurt people i love ,over pot withdrawals.I have juice of one orange and half a Tahitian lime every morning for 4 days,last night no sweating,today i feel i see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel,and after many cravings that come, with automated distractions that i give myself at those moments to get past the craving that lasts only for seconds.Not to mention the tar content that i cough up every day,i could bitumen my drive way with (yuck) better out than in,and i can take a full deep breath.Also i may add i wear glasses for 5 years now so i can see tv and movies and drive my car,but whats this, today i can see tv almost clear without glasses and i am 55yo, so all i can say is if you like your pot, do it on your b/day, new years,those special occasions,not every day.If you want prescription drugs to overcome THC withdrawals then you will find the prescription drug is just another crutch to lean on,you don’t need that,you really are a very strong person, thats obvious,or you wouldn’t be here looking for organic answers.My heavy use has been up to 50 cones a day for years and thats stupid,i always new that in the back of my mind.Just remember pot is a depressant, not a high as has been mistaken by many people,pot is an insidious herb,like tobacco, it;s got you even when you think you’re in control,thats called.being in lala land and I’m over lala land, i like reality.There is an active ingredient in orange juice,no one has researched this that i know of,you see when you o/d on really strong pot and your gonna spin out, an orange juice will bring you down very fast,in minutes,no matter how sick you feel.So i use this philosophy and distractions like going for a walk,doing gym,spend time on the computer,and talking to family and friends,good luck my withdrawing friend,my thoughts are with you,peace’n’love to you for eternity,mick. PS: if you want to keep in contact it’s Djembe [email protected] This could be an interesting cyber relationship between two reborn people,and again good luck.

  4. thetruthisoutthere said:

    Taking a drug to stop taking a drug doesn’t make any sense. Especially since marijuana is less addicting than caffeine.

    Quitting marijuana won’t cause onset of psychosis, and even smoking marijuana doesn’t cause psychosis. It’s a skewed “fact” about marijuana. The only cases of anyone having mental disorders from marijuana use are from people who are predisposed to mental illness and have borderline mental problems.


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