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How can i stop smoking marijuana?

I’ve been smoking for years, and years now. I am trying to stop but, it seems like the more i say that, the more i smoke. I work all day, and handle my business properly, ( and no i do not smoke at work), but when i get home i always need to light one up just to relax from a hard days labor, and from the crazy corrupted world that we live in today. I have quit smoking when the time was always neccessary, but at a time when i really wanna quit, it seems to be that i can’t. Could someone give me some advice.

still can’t stop; smoking as we speak.

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11 Responses to “How can i stop smoking marijuana?”

  1. frecklegirl145 said :

    move……..i had to move away from every one i thought could possibly smoke me out………………….

  2. I'm your huckleberry.... said :

    Why quit? Smoke and be happy.

  3. Ness said :

    Well.. First, don’t have any in your home. Delete all numbers / contacts with people that could get you some. Find something else to relax you, such as a warm bubble bath, or just taking a nap?! Ha.. I don’t know. You could go to programs. Just good luck.

  4. Wentshore said :

    If you maintain then it’s not a big deal. Just draw that line. Once you can’t function as you should it’s time to quit. Life will eventually force you to stop if you need to. Sounds like you’ve got it under control. As with any habit, you’ve just to find a replacement if you’re serious about it. Your downtime after work is a good time for it, so do something else like count footsteps or turn pages.

  5. Chablis F said :

    hmmm….tricky i think try to cut down first then try doing something instead hanging out with your buds who smoke. take up a hobby that’ll take your mind off it…..i volunteered for a magazine for foreigners here in Seoul, and it kept my hands full

  6. tpylxn said :

    get a girlfriend, find a hobby or sport you really really like, something you wanted to do but did’nt have the guts to do it for some reason, and do it! All it takes is something new, something thrilling, to perk up your boring life of being stoned after work. Exercise! Get a gun and start a shooting sport! Do bungee jumping. jump from a plane and parachute! football, baseball! trust me, once you get the hang of it, you’d forget about pot…. Pot is for boring couch potatoes.

  7. niorp216 said :

    You will quit by your own when u will start forgetting things and have lung problems.dont worry it will come soon if u dont stop…

  8. ballaelz said :

    There’s no reason why you start smokin’ it but i am sho there is a reason why you wanna quit…Do it for that reason.
    it’s hard , but you smoke weed ,it doesn’t smoke you.
    so do it today..i ve been there too.NOw i save a lotta money .
    i didn’t need this sh***.
    Or may be you will need a jamaican dude to tell you how to quit it , i am sho they know

  9. arielsalom33 said :

    Marijuana is an addictive substance and dont let anyone make you think otherwise. I was addicted to pot for 10 yrs straight. Day in and day out. I to “handled my business” and was a very “functional” pothead, so to speak. But I couldnt go for a day without it. I used for every reason imaginable. Happy, sad, stressed, excited, whatever, cause I am an addict. The first step for you is to admit that you are an addict, and accept it. There is a great website called MA online, its a chat room that offers hope and recovery for addicts. There are meetings there, many people like yourself that feel helpless to pot. Its a great place, I know it sounds corney, but that room has helped me get my life together more than anything I tried on my own. Ive been clean now for 2 yrs, 1 month, and 26 days! Go to Good luck.

  10. mcdannells said :

    You have a addictive personality. You have picked marijuana as your target.
    You need help for addiction. If it is not marijuana you will or already are addicted to something else as well.
    At least you choose to target something that is not going to hurt you as say alcohol or some other drug that kills….

  11. Mel said :

    I am 23 and have been
    smoking nonstop since I was 18 I really want to stop smoking weed its hard but im doing everything in my power to not smoke anymore !


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