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How do I convince my parents to stop smoking?

My parents don’t believe in second hand smoke no matte how hard I try to convince them, and every time I bring smoking up they get angry at me and yell at me. I need to stop them… What should I do?

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8 Responses to “How do I convince my parents to stop smoking?”

  1. MandaLoo said :

    I hate that for you! It’s their right to choose to smoke, but that doesn’t mean they have to subject you to it. Second-hand smoke is very real. It kills something like 56,000 people in the U.S. every year and causes other health problems. Just stay away from it as much as you can, because they aren’t going to quit because of something you say unfortunately. My mom has been a smoker for almost 40 years. When I was pregnant I asked her to not smoke in my apartment and her response was, “But I’m your mother.” I flat out told her that it didn’t make a difference whose smoke it was, I didn’t want it around me.

  2. Ky'rae said :

    Just say this, “You obviously hate me, you are being completely selfish and you are trying to kill me. How dare you? What did I do for you to force me to watch you torture yourself?”
    Make them feel guilty or tell them if they don’t quit you will kill yourself instead of waiting for secondhand smoking to make you suffer. They are being selfish, they aren’t being considerate towards your feelings.Just say when you move out, you’ll never come back unless they quit smoking.Don’t make any future plans, If they ask about your goals or future, say, “Why should I bother, you’ll both be dead and never get to see my accomplishments anyway, or I’ll end up dead from you poisoning me with your cigarette smoke.” Talk about funeral plans like this, “When you die which obviously will be soon,” Tell them if they end up with lung cancer, emphysema, or other diseases from smoking you aren’t taking them to the hospital, and you aren’t taking care of them and if they die from smoking you aren’t going to their funeral. Or tell your Dad you would like to see him alive and not gagging when it comes time to walk you down the wedding aisle. Tell your Mom, you don’t want to see her age quickly and get ugly because of this filthy habit she’s allowed to trap her. Just mention that these rude and mean things you are doing, you are doing it because you love them and you want don’t want them to die suffering. It’s time for you to give them tough love, it’s the only way you could help them. Work on a lot of crying. Sometimes tears can touch a parent’s heart.
    Try these things.
    Best Wishes

  3. amber said :

    You should ask your doctor to talk with your parents about the dilemma you are in. If they don’t believe you about second hand smoke then you need to show them it is very real. If you can’t talk with your doctor about it then print things off the internet about second hand smoke. Then maybe just ask them to smoke outside instead of in the house. Best of Luck!

  4. Flusterated said :

    They don’t “believe in” the fact that smoking causes cancer either, I suppose… How ignorant and selfish! Maybe you should contact your family doctor and have him/her explain to them how dangerous (and abusive) their smoking in your presence is.

  5. Johnny Ratchet said :

    it depends on the parent. people have different personalities, and those come out to full fruition when they’re taken away from their nicotine. you have to be bold about this. they will yell, but hey, they deserve it for already yelling at you. here’s a couple ideas:
    every time they light one, put it out. (worked for a 4th grader i knew)
    throw away their cigs.
    soak the entire house in febreze until they can’t stand it.
    soak their cigs in a chemical every time they buy them.
    start selling their stuff.
    steal their money and spend it on nicorette patches for them.
    when the cops come, explain that your parents won’t quit smoking and don’t believe in second-hand.
    you can use these tactics to explain to them how much money they are throwing away. the only time a smoker will ever, ever, ever quit is if they want to. your job is to make them want to. sometimes that comes from seeing that they’ve hurt their kid. sometimes it comes from seeing that they’re throwing away money. the only way you can change somebody’s mind is to convince them of why it’s in their interest.

  6. αllísσn said :

    My parents were like that for years.
    One time, my sister and I smashed all of their cigarettes.
    Then, 2 years ago, my parents really wanted me to run track. I told them that the only way I would run is if they quit smoking by the time track started. They did, but they started up again so I quit.
    I just kept on telling them all of the facts:
    Every cigarette you smoke takes 7 minutes off of your life.
    Tobacco kills one person every 10 seconds.
    Every 30 seconds, someone in the world dies of lung cancer.
    Cigarettes contain arsenic, formaldehyde, lead, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and 43 known carcinogens.
    Scientists claim the average smoker will lose 14 years of their life due to smoking.
    Cigarettes can contain more than 4,000 ingredients, which, when burned, can also produce over 200 ‘compound’ chemicals. Many of these ‘compounds’ have been linked to lung damage.
    There are so many more too!

    My parents eventually stopped. And, it’s been a little over 6 months, and they haven’t even lit a cigarette.

  7. SabineM said :

    Smoking is so hard to kick, it is such a bad habit that really wraps around your whole life. Your mom needs to want to quit, she knows it is bad for her and can potentially kill her but like everyone else, she is probably thinking it can happen to her. I think you should print her out from the internet a bunch of papers on what happens to your body from smoking. Show her pictures of her heart, lungs, etc. I would also tell her I’m worried about you, I don’t want you to die if you are serious to her love for you will help her stop and you want her to be around to be a grandma!
    Or, tell her to herself indulge in sports or any physical activity. Go with him or her to the gym or challenge him to a sport against you. Some smokers who have better things to do or to occupy themselves will tend to smoke less sticks in a day. If you truly wish to succeed in stopping your mom from smoking, tell her to indulge herself by reading Self Help Articles online like this one I’ve posted below.

  8. VoiceofCommonSense™ said :

    It’s their life.
    Their house.
    Their money
    If every cigarette took 7 minutes of a persons life away I guess my 88 and 85 year old grandparents would live to be at least 160. So you can throw that so called stat out the door.
    My father smoked 3 packs a day around my sister and I, plus we had 3 grandparents smoke around us too. We turned out normal healthy kids. We didn’t have any breathing problems, asthma, or any of that bs that people think happens to kids with parents who smoke.
    If second hand smoke was as dangerous as people believe it is, there would be nobody alive in their 50s and 60s. They all grew up in clouds of smoke from their parents WW2 era.
    Sorry kid.


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