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How can I get my parents to stop smoking?

I`ve been getting quite worried about my parents for some time now. They smoke about 15-20 cigarettes a day and have been since they were 15 years old. Two of my grandparents have died of cancer, probably because of smoking, some years ago. I really don`t want them to die. So if anyone have any good suggestions so that I can get them to stop, please tell me. They have tried to quit smoking before, but I`m not sure how motivated they acctually were…

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3 Responses to “How can I get my parents to stop smoking?”

  1. brevejunkie said :

    As a smoker myself, I can honestly tell you that most people who truly enjoy smoking have absolutely no desire to quit. They know they should because there’s a good chance they could end up with emphysema, cancer, etc., but they’re not overly worried about it.

    Short of them being diagnosed with a smoking related disease (or, God forbid, YOU being diagnosed with a disease related to their smoking), nothing you tell them, no arguments you make about why smoking is bad, and no grotesque pictures of diseased lungs you show them will get them to stop smoking.

    Your parents are fully aware of what smoking is doing to them, but they’re not going to quit until they really want (or have) to.

  2. keepin' it real said :

    they have to want to change their own lifestyle, all you can do is provide them with the facts and reasons why.

  3. ariesGirl said :

    If they don’t want to quit they won’t no matter what they use.
    But if they really want to the drug CHANTIX is what my husband used. It works really well. The cigarettes make you sick when you smoke while taking it. I know a lot of people who smoked a long time and quit while using it.


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