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What are some ways in which people can be encouraged to stop smoking?

My homework for biology is to research various ways in which people can be encouraged to stop smoking. So far i have come up with “Educating people about the risks.” I cant think of any more and google doesnt seem to be doing anything for me.

Any ideas?? 😉
Thanks, ill do cost now 😉

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3 Responses to “What are some ways in which people can be encouraged to stop smoking?”

  1. Kyle M said :

    What about the cost? A pack a day for a year could be over $3000 dollars!

  2. Erin said :

    The cost is a good motivator as the first responder mentioned, also the benefits of quitting smoking are alluring too. When you quit smoking, your sense of smell and taste become better. Your blood pressure goes down and the risk for long term diseases decreases as well. Quitting smoking benefits other members of your household including pets. Also gettting rid of the social stigma that comes with being a smoker is motivating to some.

  3. Dr. Andy said :

    I tried all my life to quit Habits but people say they cannot be changed
    You remove “H” from Habit, abit remains,
    remove “a” from abit, bit remains,
    remove “b”, it remains.
    Some say its so deep rooted that only hypnosis and NLP type things can remove or change it (example link below). There are some Popular Hypnosis video products
    which promise the cure of urge like Quit Smoking Now etc. Please click the link to see what I mean. Thanks.
    Information/comments Link:


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