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How to make people stop smoking on campus?

Smoking is not banned in our university, except for the science faculty. I want to convince students to stop smoking especially in the cafeteria. I’m a student myself, and I have been struggling inhaling smoke wherever I go on campus.

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10 Responses to “How to make people stop smoking on campus?”

  1. Dani Filth Jr said :

    dude not a good idea to tell em stop smoking
    i tel u the best solutions your food some where else
    2.where a gas mask
    3.or simply get used to the smoke

  2. Leonard Rhine said :

    Wear a gas mask, it would make a statement lol.

  3. starstrukk said :

    What country do you live in? I didn’t think it was okay for this anywhere, wow.

    I would say find a huge following of non-smokers and get a petition going, backed by scientific fact about second-hand smoke. It depends how many people are smokers, though. If you’re going up against 75% of the school, well good luck.

  4. Purpleflower said :

    You can speak to a school authority about your respiratory problems and they may find a way to accommodate you. Unless there are a lot of complaints about the smoking, the school probably won’t issue a ban. The only thing you can do with other students is if someone comes near you, ask them not to smoke around you. Some people will be considerate, most probably won’t.

  5. Ralph said :

    I wish it was as easy as your question sounds!

    People have tried calling me “ash tray” to sort out the same problem. They had to change their eating place. Well, that did solved their problem i assume 😀

    Smokers are stubborn. You cannot force them by ganging up against them.

    Good luck !

    Well, i listen to those people who politely request. I can smoke somewhere else if requested politely.
    Hope you get the message!

  6. katydint said :

    There’s gotta be a way to stop it in the cafeteria, that’s just wrong.

  7. Veritas said :

    Two words….You can’t.

  8. Mushu said :

    I’m a smoker, and even I know better than to smoke inside where there are a lot of people, especially people who are eating. In fact, I never smoke inside, not even at home. Although I don’t think it’s a good idea to ban smoking outside on campus, maybe you should talk to your school authorities and see if they and you can come to a compromise (no smoking on the cafeteria). I am certain you are not the only one who feels the way you do.

  9. liable_001 said :

    you need to see your principal, and talk to him about this. And I know there will be alot of non-smoking students that will back you on this one. This is a health and Liability issue here.. and it should be addressed.

  10. tgit23 said :

    You need to stop crying about it. Smoke never killed anyone and there’s a lot of other smoke out there besides cigarette smoke. Life isn’t required to mold itself to your preferences.


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