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How can I lose weight quickly, safely, and keep it off?

i did all the calculations and aperently am close to overweight i want to lose some weight and mantain that weight safely without any diet pills.

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10 Responses to “How can I lose weight quickly, safely, and keep it off?”

  1. Tiffany said :

    Well, I am doing Nutrisystem right now because I am close to overweight according to my BMI.
    I think it is all about portion control and eating fresh fruits and veggies.
    Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be….

  2. mrklcoac2002 said :

    exercise daily,in fact a couple times a day, eat right and stay away from stuff like sweets and sugar. good luck and let me know how your doing, my name is mark

  3. ill answer u said :

    there r many ways to do so


    change your diet to include more fruits and vegtables, less calories, exercise, drink a lot of water and overall stick to your diet.
    try weight watchers

  5. loni said :

    By regulating the food and being active .

  6. diji said :

    quickly…safely and keep it off..these don’t go together…doesn’t happen… Cut calories a bit and increase exercise….you won’t lose weight in a way that it starts to yo-yo up and down gaining more back than you lost every time until you are obese.

  7. cutiepie said :

    I agree with diji. those dont go together. I have lost 76 lbs, Its taken over a year, 1200 cal diet, walking, but I also have help from a diet pill which controls your appetite. Go see your Dr and get a weight loss plan from him and it will take time, but it works. Nothing other then cutting calories and exercise, will take weight off safely and be able to keep it off. Its really hard to. If your dedicated, you can do it. I did!

  8. yogazen said :

    30min of cardio daily (walking, running, treadmil, bike)
    Pilates for toning
    Change your diet to a healthy one
    Drink lots of water
    Cut out as much salt and sugar as you can

    Go to and set up a free diet and exercise plan. It’s amazing how your eating habits will change once you have to write down what you eat and you see the crap you are putting into your body. Also, try a book called “French Women Don’t Get Fat”. It works great!
    The most important thing is to be mentally prepared to really change your lifestyle!

  9. oilman11977 said :

    The South Beach diet is really sensible and effective. Very easy to follow. They teach you how to eat the right carbs to lose weight.

  10. debrock16 said :

    If you want to do this it is for life so you need to totally change your way of eating and exercising. This is not a diet rather than a healthy eating plan for life. So no more talking diet cause it means time limit. Stop making some major mistakes wake up earlier and get active earlier your metabolism is sluggish and needs to be woken up this is half your problem.

    Here are the golden rules:
    Initially cut down to 1200 calories.
    Exercise 6 times per week for 1 hours a day. Do three weight sessions and three cardio sessions. No gym involved.
    Don’t eat carbs after 4pm, never eat carbs within 2 hours of exercise or within 1 hour of exercise.
    Drink 3 litres of water per day. You can have a green tea at the end of the day.
    Limit your fruit in take to 2 pieces per day.
    Never eat dinner after 6pm.
    Adopt of low GI eating plan this is sustainable for life!
    Make low fat dairy choices

    Follow this menu plan as a suggestion:
    Breakfast 7am – 1 cup hot water w lemon
    20 minutes later have a bowel of oats w water (no honey) OR
    fruit salad w low GI soy yogurt
    Snack 10am – pear or apple (both low GI)
    Lunch 12.30pm – multigrain sandwich w 50g tuna & salad (no butter)
    Snack 3pm – low GI yogurt OR skim berry smoothie (no honey or banana) plenty of ice, 1/2 cup skim milk & 1/4 cup yogurt
    Dinner 5.30pm – 120g grilled lean meat/fish/prawns/tofu patties (not fried) w spinach salad & mixed vegies (no whites, carbs) OR 3 egg white/soy omlette with ham, cheese and tomato
    Snack – 1 scoop of low cal low fat ice cream (if hungry)

    Exercise is must be intense. Refer to for your weights routine. Never do weights two consecutive days have a cardio day in between.

    Cardio needs to include running, go hard up stair wells and cycling. You get the most benefits from exercise when your body is totally fatigued and this is when you see changes.

    To maintain you can increase calories to 1500 and reduce exercise sessions to 3-4 times per week. If weight creeps up again due to holiday period etc.. go back to 1200 cal and 6 sessions again.

    Good luck it worked for me it can work for anyone.


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