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My brother weighs 365 lbs. How can he quickly and safely lose weight?

The only real exercise he wants to do is walk a lot. He doesn’t have a gym membership and can’t afford one right now.

For a big guy like my brother (365 lbs), how can he safely lose weight quickly without hurting or starving himself?

Thanks for the information. He has no health problems. No high cholestrol. No sugar problems, etc.

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8 Responses to “My brother weighs 365 lbs. How can he quickly and safely lose weight?”

  1. fatguy845 said :

    walk every day then in about two weeks try a slow jog. in less than a month he will see weight loss results

  2. ツLuv~u~2ツ said :

    hmmm, cut down junk food drink lots of water and walk like he wants to.

  3. sparkymarine said :

    Get him walking more. If necessary, buy him a dog. Scientifically proven that dog owners (hence walkers) are among the fittest and trimmest members of society. Love the dog (oh, and he will) then walk the dog. Seriously dude! The pounds will fall away in a controlled and healthy manner.

  4. word_scratcher said :

    Change the eating habits. Eat 5-6 small meals a day with a protein like meat (chiken and turkey are great) and some carbs no more than a large handul. Keep fiber in the diet with flax seed oil or grains. He will need a good deal of calories a day certainly over 1900 so don’t starve the guy.

    Reduce the sugar and fat in his diet. No soda’s, or chips. And have him drink 64 oz or 8, 8 ounce bottles of water a day.

    Walking for an hour 3-5 times a week will help. And increase this repition as he looses weight.

    With these changes he will loose weight quickly in the first couple months based on his current weight. Kick up the exercise every so often to keep up the weight loss.

  5. ig said :

    just tell him to walk over an hour a day up hill if he can

  6. Kristin B said :

    If he like to walk thats fine. Long slow burn of calories is actually best for fat buring. Walking is actually really great for you and its low impact which will help his joints. being big already he should be careful. He can try doing some slow jogging intervals in his walks to step it up. A walk of 2-3 miles (depending on his fitness level) is really a great workout. Tell him he should try weight watchers or jenny creig. BOth are great diets and are the best of the commercail diets. weight watchers offers the program online and you can get point information, recipes, point info for eating out, you can track your weight and progress, track your points, excersize all on line. 3-months is like 60 bucks…..I know a couple of people that love. it. Good luck to him

  7. turtlegrrl said :

    I’d suggest he start out with water aerobics at a gym (I know it costs money to join a gym but someplace like 24 hour fitness, he can go whenever he wants). I know you said he can’t afford the membership, but an alternative to buying a membership is going as a guest on a friend’s pass (I go as a guest on my husband’s membership and it only cost 15$ total to add the guest option. It’s a really cheap way to afford the gym! :D). The water aerobics is low impact workout which would be great for someone like your brother. Jogging and even walking at 300+ pounds can put great stress on the ankle, knees, hips and even the back muscles when starting out (I have a condition where my joints dislocate easily so I’m family with joint stress and low impact workouts). Even going to a local pool and finding a good depth that offers good resistance when walking and then walking the length back and forth (making sure to remain at that depth at all times) is great exercise and still remains low impact. I recall when I was on the swim team in high school, runners would wear a bouyancy belt and jog the length of our pool from shallow to the deep end to strengthen their legs(again another great excercise if you can find the bouyance belt. This is now used a lot in aquatic therapy for patients with leg injuries or patients with weak legs to build strength back again) .
    Going back to the gym idea, your brother can get a trainer who can tailor exercises specifically for him and perhaps suggest some of the other activities that the gym has like yoga (or whatever else the gym may offer). I’d suggest he talk to his doctor first however and get his/her opinion first before starting any exercise regiment. Doing so will let him ask about seeing a nutritionist who can either put together a food program for him or educate him on good foods to eat or at least how to read and understand calories of foods when buying them at the grocery store also understand what his daily calorie intake should be. A nutritionist taught my husband a lot about that stuff and now he educates me on it :D.

    I dunno if any of this is helpful but hopefully it is :). Good luck and I wish your brother the best in his weight loss efforts! =D

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