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How do I lose weight quickly and safely?

I have been doing Weight Watchers on and off for about a year now and have managed to lose (and keep off) 30 lbs. I have hit a bit of a plateau in the past 2 months… and nothing seems to work.

Christmas is coming up, and I really want to lose some more weight before the parties and the friends show up…. What can I do to lose 15 lbs quickly??

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8 Responses to “How do I lose weight quickly and safely?”

  1. Griya B said :

    diet and exercise is the best combination, visit the site below for more info losing weight safely and quickly

  2. Kaelin J said :

    15 pounds shouldn’t be a problem, assuming you can afford to lose it. What I do is first, drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before every meal, and mix in an apple with each glass of water. That’s right, 3 apples a day, 30 minutes before each meal, you’ll be amazed how much this fills you up. As for meals, obviously avoid complex carbs, white bread, buns, that sort of stuff. Stick to eating easily digestible carbs, such as fruit and vegetables, they are also great for speeding up the metabolism, as is the excessive drinking of water. Now, that is only the diet, you also need to come up with a good work out. First off, running is going to be very important as are sit ups. Give yourself about 30 minutes every other day for a good jog, once you feel up to it you can start doing more and more jogging.

  3. Thomas said :

    haha I see the affiliate marketing spam people have swarmed over your question. I hate those guys.

    Anyway, look into getting a BodyBugg. I bought one three weeks ago and I’m doing pretty well with it. Lost 10 pounds so far. Essentially, it measures very precisely how many calories you burn during the day, and you wear it all the time on your arm. You then upload your stats to the online software where you input your food log as well. You’re goal is to eat less calories than you burn, which will result in weight loss. Only problem you might have is its kinda expensive, about $280 with the display watch.

    It’s hard to lose consistently when you can’t measure, so its kinda nice it takes the guesswork out of dieting. good luck.

    If the Bodybugg is too expensive, the only thing I can suggest is limiting your caloric intake, and try to exercise for 10-20 minutes three times a day even if it is walking. You burn a lot more by spacing out your workouts.

  4. I™ Will Touch You Where You Pee. said :

    Eat only 1500 calories a day, depending on how much you burn.
    Do not eat it all once or close to all at once, either. Spread it out. Eat a large breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner. Mix in a few small snacks as well.
    Make sure you are only eating complex carbohydrates, and a lot of protein.
    Minimize how much bread and grain you take in. Instead of eating cereal for breakfast, make a large omelet with some cheese and veggies mixed into it, along with some oranges and a large glass of water or juice.
    Instead of eating breaded chicken tenders, eat the non-breaded chicken breasts. Those are healthier and have low carbohydrates.
    Be smart with your condiments also. Instead of drowning something in ranch dressing or ketchup, use some hot sauce. It has virtually nothing in it with 0 everything.
    If your not the jogging type, then start walking for 45 minutes a day. Bring your ipod along. If you have a dog, bring your dog. If you have neither, you’ve got friends! (hopefully) Call them up and see if they’d like to come along.
    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle won’t just help you lose the rest of your intended weight but It will help you keep it off and live happily with a lot of self confidence and a strong well-being.

  5. advise said :
  6. John said :

    How about changing your diet.

    1. No soda
    2. No caffiene
    3. No Diet Soda or Sugar Free stuff.. ( your body gets all confused)
    4. Eat a good breakfast, lil snack, lunch, light dinner
    5. No heavy meals past 6PM you don’t want a lot of food in your belly when you’re sleeping.
    6. No TV Get outside and PLAY
    7. Play a sport and feel challenged
    8. Try it workd i tried it.

  7. Aleena said :

    I need lose weight too

  8. Lydia said :


    I lost 25 kgs already. My advice: make a good diet and take natural products and only take 900 calories per day.Remember that miracles does not exist :), you have to do an extra effort.
    I suggest you to visit this site: (it is very helpful, at least it was with me), and also this one, if you want to lose more fast and healthy.
    At the site acaiberrybestoption you can send your doubts to a Doctor who always will answer your questions..
    I hope I could help you..


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