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How can i lose some weight in the winter?

I work in an office and am sitting 90% of the day. Im only 18 years old i’m 5 ft tall and weigh 119. i think im chunky but my dad thinks im gaining a lot of weight. what can i take to work to snack on that i can also keep in my purse? What exercises can i do inside to lose some pounds. any tips would be great. thankx

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8 Responses to “How can i lose some weight in the winter?”

  1. Jaffx said :

    Walk up and down the steps, and eat less.

  2. Reachable said :

    Drink water or tea with little sugar. For snacks take raisins, fruits

  3. dec458 said :

    You could go to workout centers such as the YMCA or Sports Clubs and use their exercise equipment, walk in malls, lots of ways to do indoor exercise.

  4. da man said :

    run up and down stair’s as long as ur not a spaz lol… or use the treadmill…. or push ups sit ups stuff like that… and a healthy snack…

  5. ROFL Waffle said :

    Well I’m 13 I don’t know much about an office. Try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Let’s see what else. Ride a bike to work if your neighborhood is safe enough and is close enough. Depending on what time you have to be at work or what time you get home RUN 1 or 2 miles. A big thing is soda it has alot of calories so not so much of that. Try water and ice tea it’s good for you and no calories. I know that from Cross Country so if this helps good luck!

  6. The Last Harlequin said :

    Snacks :
    – a container of celery with A LITTLE bit of peanut butter
    – Get one of those fruit trays from the grocery store. They actually last longer than normal cut up fruit would. I take apple slices from a fruit tray to school and hours and hours later they aren’t brown yet, whereas a regular apple would be…
    – ^ apple slices, grapes, nuts, cheese cubes
    – trail mix
    – carrot sticks
    – Quaker Oatmeal (to-go squares) they taste like oatmeal cookies but they are pretty good for you, and filling too!

    Exercise :
    – Join a gym
    – get a treadmill
    – jog or walk around your block
    – run in place for about 15 minutes. that’s usually 1 mile.
    – walk around your house in your spare time

  7. John Reid said :

    Ski, snow board, shovel snow, paint your room, clean the house, paint the basement, go sledding, chop wood, go ice-fishing or skating, take dance lessons or karate.
    Snack on short pieces of celery or an apple.

  8. Umm, Jessica? said :

    Snacks to take:
    instead of fatty chips, take sunchips.
    insead of soda, take green tea or juice.
    dont go for rich coffee, like frappuccinos, take regular coffee with creamer.

    since your in an office, get up every 30 minutes to an hour to walk a couple times around the office. Or during break, go outside and take a brisk walk around the block.
    after work, go to the gym for about 30 minutes. gym memberships are cheap, especially if you use them every day.


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