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What are some effecive ways to lose weight?

I had my second child 4 months ago and I want to take off 30lbs. I lost a lot of weight before I got pregnant by using TrimSpa and only eating one meal a day, but its so hard to stick to that type of lifestyle. It takes a lot of will power to only eat one small meal a day so Im having a hard time keeping w/ it. I want to lose the 30 lbs with in the next 3-4 months. Any good advice or encouragment to keep me going?

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12 Responses to “What are some effecive ways to lose weight?”

  1. recalltotal001 said :

    Exercise and diet.

  2. mountain1422dew said :

    Weight watchers!! seriously.

  3. coolpowwow80 said :

    dont eat fast food/sodas/sweets..stay with vegies n fruits n pasta.etc..low calories food…n walk around u shouldnt overexcercise after having a child

  4. harrypotter8311990 said :

    reduce your stess level, and the most natural way to do
    that is laugh more often.

  5. imthepimpbox said :

    Exercise and…being a vegetarian. Animal fats are bad for you. I’m not going to sit here and preach tonight, but I was 155(I’m 5’10”) a few months ago, now I’m 140, and I have to eat like anything in sight in order to maintain it. I’m also pretty physically active, but chasing kids is awesome exercise! Even if you just minimize the amount of meat you eat(make sure to get plenty of protien from other sources) it will help. Eat skinless chix breasts or venison(it’s very lean).

  6. [email protected] said :

    become a vegetarian.. very healthy life style.. been doing it for 5 years and iv kept weight off… also exercise…

    watch ur calorie/carb/sugar intake

  7. kdcs4cash said :

    try a diet pill called phentermine. You can find it from a weight loss doc, or online. I lost 70 lbs that way. It makes you want to eat less. Like your stomach is full. For me it was really hard to eat at all.

  8. kmnteam said :

    u can consume a lost weight medicine and keep exercise but dont forget to diet too. otherwise it will not optimal.

  9. Kylie_H said :

    hun I SWEAR if you eat 6 SMALL meals a day you will lose more weight than one meal a day. I did it for 4 months and lost almost 30 pounds. it highers your metabolism.

    I used to eat only i meal a day too. and no junk food. no fast food. no pop. I still cut out all the bad stuff but I eat a bunch of tiny meals (or parts of healthy meals) thru the day. When you only eat once a day your body stores more of what you eat because it goes into starvation mode, knowing it isn’t going to get the nutrients it needs. You lose MUSCLE and possibly even bone density later in life due to calcium and other minerals missing from your diet, you do not lose fat. When you start to eat the tiny meals, you will actually look more toned because muscle looks a lot better than fat. And muscle mass makes you burn more calories–Even at rest (sleeping!)

    Good luck I know it is a very very hard thing to start, and then it gets hard again in the middle, but it is sooo worth it to feel good about the way you look. This is the first time in my life I was READY to wear my summer clothes! I am down to a size 3 or 5 and I too have had a child and am married. My daughter is almost 2 though, so give yourself time! 🙂 Another thing that helped me was writing doown every single bite and drink I took thru the day–you may, like me, find yourself leaving stuff out on purpose! Then you will see, “wow I did not realize I was making such unhealthy choices” or “wow I always eat that, maybe I should add more veggies instead…or more lean meat, or more whatever-just healthier options will do.” You dont have to give up anything besides the junkiest foods, for the stuff you cant live without, go for the low calories or “light” or “reduced fat” varieties. (Example: I can not live without crackers and peanut butter (yep I am an adult…) so I have switched to wheat crackers or reduced fat reg. crackers and peanut butter…even that small of a change is a good step…” (i hate reduced fat peanut butter, and if I tried to cut it out of my diet, I know I would cheat, I love REAL peanut butter and thats okay bc i made changes in other areas) see? Okay now go get started. Good LUCK!!! 🙂

  10. snowman said :


  11. Tresa said :

    You should never go under 1,200 calories a day or your body will go into starvation mode.

    You need to eat every four to five hours when you’re awake to keep your metabolism going.

    I lost over 155 pounds, my husband lost over 60 pounds, and we have kept it off 3-1/2 years with Herbalife nutrition.

  12. Blake Caparelli said :

    Wow! The useless posts here is rampant. How can you keep up with each one of these opinions?


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