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ways for a 14 yr old to lose some weight?

im 14, 5’4, and weigh an average of 123 lbs.
in elem. school i was one of the skinniest kids in my grade but i guess something happened cus im not the girl i used to be.
most of my friends are size 0’s and 1’s in jeans and im a 4.

does anyone have any tips for me to lose weight and get a better body?

**especially in my abs, thighs, and butt**

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8 Responses to “ways for a 14 yr old to lose some weight?”

  1. Christine M said :

    You can’t be serious. I don’t know what is wrong young girls today. Do you really think that looking anorexic is OK. I am shorter than you are and I couldn’t imagine how sick I would look if I wore a size 0. Guys really like girls who have some curves, not sticks. Well I guys some guys are that don’t really care about your looks or anything else as long as you put out. I know I’m being harsh, but I am being truthful. You are at a healthy weight and should never compare yourself to others. That is really not healthy. Be happy with who you are.

  2. suzywong28 said :

    you sound fine as you are ! you don’t need to lose weight , just accept yourself and learn to love what you have , size 0 is for most of us unobtainable and extremely unhealthy , if you need to tone try swimming it exercises every muscle in the body , or dancing or take the dog for a walk , try and find something you enjoy and focus on having fun rather than how your body look s, at fourteen your body will still be going through changes anyway

  3. sshorekennels said :

    5’4″ and 123 pounds is not fat. If you want to slim down a little you could cut down on fried foods and eat more fruits and veggies. Increase your exercise a little and you should drop the fat. Don’t go too crazy. You don’t want any eating disorders. It wouldn’t hurt to ask the school nurse or to ask the phys ed teacher about ways to burn more calories.

  4. Rych said :

    Christine is correct. There is no reason for you to loose weight, and guy don’t like skinny skinny girls. Some curvs are great! Your perfect how you are! 🙂

  5. Nhy~ said :

    Why does it matter whether or not u’re lik the other girls ur age? im 15 and i dont fit size 0, its a pain since i look like i 12 yr old, so a lot of ppl think im not old enough to drive and all. do u really want to b thought of as a lady who looks lik a kid, being flat and unmatured body??

    well of course ur not gonna b lik u use to once u hit puberty, u’ll start gettin curvier so ur pant size may b bigger, ur friends could just not hav their puberty kickin in yet lik u alrdy have. u’re just maturin sooner not a big deal.

    but if u really want to b stick thin and all then try starving, most effective but hurtful way of em all
    or runnin, joggin, eatin healthy

  6. Annie B said :

    Oh my.
    To lose weight you eat less.

  7. jenn said :

    if you want to loose weight do sit ups in the morning and at night or when u have free time….try to run more….join cross country…chew a lot of gum…it will keep you full and make sure you drink TONS of water!!!!! especially in the morning because then your metabolism speeds up and your more full and you are satisfied

    you also need to do is get help from your parents. You will need to eat 500 calories less than what you normally eat and exercise for about a half hour each day. Stay away from foods with bad fats (saturated and trans) and foods that are high in carbohydrates (pasta, rice). I know it sounds cliche but eat a lot of veggies and fruits and drink lots of water, especially while you’re having your meal to trick you stomach into thinking you have eaten more than you actually have.

    •Just keep it simple… here’s how:-

    1) Eat more steam food, lean meat, vegies and fruits

    2) Cut out the junk food, soda drinks and snacks

    3) drink plenty of water / green tea

    4) Exercise – look at combining weights and cardio into your program. you can look at alternating upper and lower body exercises without rest, say bicep curls, then lunges , rest and repeat. With cardio, try sprinting 100m, jog 100m and repeat.

    Here’s a review link to a program

    Useful articles there too.

    5) Have 5-6 healthy meals a day(1 plate portions) to keep your body satisfied

    6) if you have cravings drink water or eat fruits
    here’s an article to a healthy diet

    7) have an action plan for long term goals, start off with small goals and increase it gradually over time. Get your parents involved to live a healthy lifestyle and be active. Doing it together is better then going it alone!

    Good luck
    You’re probably too young to lift weights, so I would suggest running, jogging, and walking for exercise. You could also rollerblade, bike, jump rope… anything that will get your heart pumping.

    Avoid foods that are high in sugars: candy, soda, cookies, and other sweets. Also avoid foods that are high in fats, especially fried foods (like french fries and chicken nuggets from fast food places, and potato chips.) Try not to eat a lot of salty foods.

    Drink milk every day, and lots and lots of water.

    For snacks, eat fruit, cheese that isn’t too high in fat (like cheddar or even string cheese), light yogurt, fat free pudding… Switch to wheat bread instead of white. Eat at least a couple servings of vegetables per day (they’ll fill you up but are low in calories).

    You don’t really need to know that much about carbohydrates, etc. You probably already know which foods are healthy and which ones aren’t so good. Just use your common sense and don’t eat until you are so full you can barely move 🙂 Good luck!

  8. Emily said :

    well ur not fat at all but i can see that u could tone up…just eat fruits, vegies, nuts, protein and whole grain breads, pastas, and rice, and drink lots of milk and water and make sure u get exercise but dont go overboard with dieting and exercise…u dont really need to lose weight…just eat healthy and get rugular physical activity… for those parts of ur body, just do crunches, squats, and leglifts…but remember, ur weight might go up a bit cuz of the muscle but then will drop cuz muscle burns more fat so focus on building muscle before dropping fat cuz it will be easier…


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