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How can I lose some body fat?

At school all of my mates are thin and have abs but I hate being the odd one out cause I am fat and have no sign of abs whatsoever. I am 11, I’m 5″3, and I weigh app. 7 stone 2 pounds.

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5 Responses to “How can I lose some body fat?”

  1. random as pie said :


    please answer mine!

  2. Taters said :

    I feel you my friend, you have to work hard by working out, the best way is to start jogging, no matter how big you are if you start jogging the weight will come off, trust me on this. If you have never jogged start jogging 5 days 1/4 mile and work your way up to 1.5 miles, it, normally take a month or two before your body will react to your new conditioning but you will soon see the results. I hope this helps.

  3. spartan24018 said :

    Do not worry about how much you weigh, worry about the ratio of your muscles to your body fat. 7 stones and 2 pounds is about 100 pounds, am I correct? At being that young of age, you don’t really have to worry about anything. To develop abs, you need more muscles and less body fat. The amount of body fat that you have right now are probably from childhood, they’ll start to disappear as you hit puberty and you will probably be more active and grow. In order to lose body fat, I suggest that you do a lot of anaerobic exercises (ex: sprinting) and eat very healthy and unprocessed foods. When you get to late middle school, early high school age, you should look into joining a sport and be physically active.

    Basically, you should start eating healthy and exercising regularly. Don’t ever slack off and eat junk food, fast food, food that are high in fat or processed food. Your body will thank you.

  4. Fabio said :

    I cut out all junk food, soda, chips, little debbies (which was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do) and quite eating at fast food resturaunts as well as working out.

  5. Slappy H said :

    Let me first start by saying that at the age of 11 your body is likely going to be going through some serious growth and changes soon. So you may just grow out of your “chubby” phase naturally without doing anything. I have 3 younger brothers and they all seemed to go through stages where they would look chubby for 6 months-1 year and then grow and look thin.

    However, I think it is never to early to exercise and to be concerned with your health. It sounds like you like football (soccer); do you play it with your mates that often? Let me suggest less video games and t.v. and more time playing football or any outdoor sport.

    Let me also point out that to lose fat you don’t need to kill yourself with high intensity exercise. To lose fat it is best to do slower, milder exercise. During lower intensity exercise, your body will use fat as it’s energy source and will start to burn it. If you are doing activities that make your heart race and really tires you out quickly, your body uses other sources of energy (sugars, creatinine, etc.) to power it and you don’t burn as much fat. Activites like light jogging, low intensity football, riding a bicycle, even quickly walking will be best for burning fat.

    Also, doing sit-ups won’t get rid of fat on your stomach any better than it will get rid of fat on your chin. Meaning, doing sit-ups won’t transform a chubby tummy into hard abs. It will strengthen the muscle under the layer of fat, but you wont’t be able to see the abs until you lose the fat.

    Bottom line: Any exercise will help you burn calories and feel better, so it is good. But to best burn fat, do low intensity exercise for 30-60 minutes, 5 days a week.


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