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Any ideas for a 15 year old boy to lose some body fat?

im not really fat at all .. people say im skinny…. but when i ben over or let my stomach lose i have a bit of a gut…. i want to build strong abs and lose that fat….. any ideas ways or techniques i can use to get rid of it…. im in good shape and an athlete…. i just want to 1 – 2 inches of of fat i have (1 roll) im 5’9 and 135 lbs

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6 Responses to “Any ideas for a 15 year old boy to lose some body fat?”

  1. Freeway said :

    Move more, eat less.

  2. blatt said :

    You do not need to lose any pounds.
    Try exercises where you twist your torso.
    Try golf!

  3. Vee said :

    You are not fat at all. You just need to tone up. Do some crunches, leg lifts, side twists and any other ab exercise you can think of and soon you’ll have a six pack!

  4. pelucid69 said :

    As long as you know you are not fat (and that’s a good thing) ask your coach (you said you were an athlete) for some suggestions. Also, if he/she is not of any help, you can easily google (sorry Yahoo) that very question and find out some great simple exercises. Keep in mind that you are at an age where energy is on your side but patience may not be! What I mean, is find something that you enjoy and is challenging enough to keep your interest up and give it time. If a six-pack came easily, we would all have them.

  5. cinnamon said :

    Eat healthy foods, skip the junk and carbs. Stay busy w/ sports. Talk to your coach about a plan.

  6. Natasha NSC said :

    If you’d like to get your stomach firm and toned. There are plenty of abs exercises programms, which you can find online. If you are determined, it won’t take you long before you have your 6 pack.


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