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Trying to lose some body fat, but I am getting discouraged. Help?

I have been going to the gym for almost a month now. My routine went along the lines of going 3 days a week, where I would lift and then do about 20-25 minutes cardio. Because I’m a heavy guy, I figured doing the bikes would reduce pressure on my joints.

Diet wise, I reduced my soda intake greatly (I drink pretty much milk and water now) and am doing all I can to avoid fast food (example, no mayo in my sandwiches, no fried foods, tons of veggies etc.)

While I am proud to say I am seeing some definition on my arms and calves, and I do “feel” better, I haven’t noticed much else (still have a gut and some fat remains on my arms).

I am deciding on changing my routine so that I go to the gym M-F, doing lifting+cardio M-W-F and solely cardio on Tu-Th. Will this change get me out of this plateau?

Off-topic question: I am craving fast food, especially cheese steaks, but I don’t want to lose all (if any) progress I have made! Can I treat myself out once in a while?
Forgot to mention:

I am now switching over from exercise bike to elliptical trainer (since I noticed I almost burn double the calories). Is that a good idea too?

I drink 1% milk.

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8 Responses to “Trying to lose some body fat, but I am getting discouraged. Help?”

  1. colklink88 said :

    You’re doing fine. Keep it up. It does not happen overnight. Everyone hits these plateaus. It’s good to vary the routine but you are alrady doing that. No worries.

    Re: fast food — that’s up to you. When I binge it tends to be on restaurant food or home cooked. fast food not only has little nutritional value, but as you probably know it’s highly addictive due to the high sugar & salt. If you can control the frequency of the “treats,” then go for it. If you find that once makes you want more and more frequently, then approach as you would anything addictive.

  2. Dab said :

    for your gut, i would do a lot of abs, making sure to target lower, sides, and upper abs. also you can definetely treat yourself once in a while as long as it doesnt become habit.

  3. Claudia T said :

    Try jump rope, 180calories every 20min, it burns off much more than those. But as it is tiring, go jogging. It brings almost the same results. For fast food, well i’ve broken my diets a few times with chocolates but i say you can. Eat with a friend and share it with him or her, ask that person to watch how much you eat. Oh and milk is quite fattening too, all diary products are.

  4. the student said :

    Your change in exercise equipment sounds like a good idea. Try this as well:

    You need to cut sugar completely from your diet. Don’t add sugar to anything. Don’t eat anything that is naturally high in sugar like fruit and fruit juice, corn etc. Drink only bottled water. Eat very low or no-fat food. Don’t eat late at night. Eat lots of veggies and drink veggie drinks (eg. V8) whenever you are hungry. Eat chicken breast for protein. DON’T STARVE YOURSELF.
    As far as exercise is concerned, walking long distances is a good start. Find a sport that you like and stick with it.

  5. ahill_hokie said :

    Don’t get discouraged…you are doing great! It will just take more time before you see more results. 5 consecutive days working out is pretty ambitious, so maybe you can space it out some…like, say Sun-Tuesday, take Wednesday off, Thursday – Friday and take Saturday off.

    Also, I love the elliptical machine, especially ones that the arms move…you will burn more calories that the ones without the arms.

    I know it’s hard to resist temptations from yummy foods, but maybe try and look for healthier alternatives and definitely be cognizant of your portions. That is my problem…I eat healthy, but sometimes my portions get way too large. You can always treat yourself to the really good, yet really bad for you, treats once in a while, but just remember to not overdo it.

    It sounds like you are on the right pathway! Just keep it up! Good luck!

    edit….I forgot to mention…I hope you are drinking skim milk too!

  6. afcaa055 said :

    its good that you are really trying
    to make effort!

    i go to the gym 3 times a week
    and i do one hour cardio
    but because you’re a guy you should
    try to do 1 hour and 30 minutes cardio
    and a hour lifting

    (i deffinityly see some results on myself)

    about the fast food i eat a lot too
    but i just have a limit you know

    if you immidiatly stop eating fast food
    it will be hard because your body isnt
    used to it so you have to learn your
    body to eat less

    you just have to try to eat 1 cheesesteak a day
    in stead of 4 (just an example)
    but dont eat it every day just 1 or 2 times a week
    you only should eat it if youre proud
    of yourself if you think i deserve one,

    but dont eat it when youre back from the gym

    just eat it once in a while and try to eat it slowly
    what helps to is drink water before you start

    try to eat more fruit and vegetable’s

    well i hope that this will work out for you!
    I wish you a lot of good luck
    and i hope to hear from you
    to tell me if you see some results or
    how its going

    if you have questions
    just e-mail me!

    hold on im sure you will do great!

  7. Elizabeth said :

    That’s great! If you aren’t seeing as dramatic results as you want, you really need to take a good look at what you are eating and how much of it. You will likely be surprised that you are taking in much more calories than you are burning per day. Yes, a treat is okay every once in a while. 🙂

    Here is a great food resource called Yummy Diet Food. “Smarter” choices for people who are trying to eat low calorie, but healthy meals. Eating healthy will help you lose weight quicker and will help you keep it off (and help you feel better).

    Hope that helps.

  8. wma1972 said :

    You have just completed the beginner phase and now you’re ready for more. The switch to the elliptical is a good one. Not only is it a good low impact aerobic exercise, but it also involes the upper body (good elliptical machines have arm rowing extensions). Extend your cardio sessions out to 45-60 minutes at least three days per week followed by weight training. More muscle equals higher metabolism so the increased definition your seeing is excellent progress. Don’t get into a rut, occassionally switch up your aeorbic exercise, change machines, go to an aerobics class (they aren’t just for women and they will kick your butt), go for a run or fast walk, take a spin class, jump in the pool and swim, or combine with your weights and do some circuit training (supervised, at first). Your schedule is very good. Make sure you get enough rest between workouts or you will get burned out quickly. You should be eating 4-6 small, healthy, balanced meals per day. 1600-2400 calories per day, depending on your, height, age, etc.. Don’t starve but don’t stuff. This will speed up your metabolism and even out your energy level. Make sure to get at least five servings of fruits or veggies. Don’t be scared of carbs. They should be part of your breakfast everyday. They constant intake of food throughout the day will help to take the edge off your cravings, but let’s be realistic here, everybody gives in occasionally. Just don’t make a habbit out of giving in. Avoid trans fats (processed cheese, uh hmm – Philly) and processed foods: hotdogs, bologna, anything with nitrates. Stay away from diet drinks, colas, sodas, and energy drinks. They will only cause you harm in the long run. Water is best, milk is good, and an occasional gatorade or powerade after a workout won’t hurt. Think of this as a life long change in your habits and you will succeed. There is no quick fix. Good luck.


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