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I’m competing in MMA in a couple months, how do I lose some body fat fast.?

I’ve got a body like Tank Abbott, not quite as powerful, and I want to lose the gut. What would be best to take along with my training?

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4 Responses to “I’m competing in MMA in a couple months, how do I lose some body fat fast.?”

  1. navdeepkaur said :

    Run a few miles everyday, and reduce your junk food. If you don’t eat any junk food, reduce your fat intake. Make sure though that you get your recommended servings of fruit, vegatables, proten, calcium and carbs–or else you’ll get weaker!!!

  2. Alex L said :

    The best way to lose that fat is to run or do other cardio for about an hour a day and to eat right. Eating right is why most people can’t lose the weight.

  3. dP said :

    Do a Search on “velocity diet” and follow the program to a T… should drop weight fast and its not too hard on muscle loss
    the thing to remember though is to start incorporating good carbs(fruits veggies oatmeal) the week before you fight so as not to be too weakened

  4. Brian F said :

    What do you weigh now, and what weight are you planning to fight at. I usually walk around at 195lbs, but fight at 185lbs. So I trip to the steam room works for me most times. For your gut though try cutting out all refined sugars from your diet. You’d be surprised how much weight you would lose just by that alone.


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