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How can i lose fat on my stomach?

I am pretty fit and have a fairly healthy body, the only thing letting me down is a small amount of fat that has collected on my stomach, just below my belly button. Can anyone recommend some exercises that can help me to lose it ?
I weigh 55.5kg ..I’m not going to get lipo or any weird fat creams or whatever. It’s only a really small amount of fat and i want an EXERCISE.

And i eat healthily = )

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8 Responses to “How can i lose fat on my stomach?”

  1. sadie: said :

    I really understand you problem! You could work on your abs! If you just want it flat just work out 30 minutes to an hour! Good luck!

  2. m_jizzle said :

    put down the fork.

  3. Abangjeff T said :

    Go for liposuction.

  4. Leelee36016 said :

    Over the summer I was trying to find a quick stomach losing fat before the fall semester started and I found this product known as Akavar 20/50 Slimming Gel. This is a lotion type weight lost product that you can use with sit-ups of crunches. Just apply to your stomach before or after exercise. It can be found in Wal-Mart near the Phramacy section.

  5. Marilyn G said :

    Hold you abdominal muscles taught for the count of ten. Relax and do it again. That will tone up your abdominal muscles but if you have a bit of weight you want to lose then look at It’s fabulous!!!

  6. knox1171 said :

    start running at least 2 miles a day and really cut back on the calories you take in. aim for at least 200 situps a day working your core

  7. sippy said :

    you can lose your weight only only and only by exercise or physical works.

  8. rlmcdaniel9 said :

    If you are concerned about that little bump in the lower abs that most of us women have, I would suggest laying on your back and do leg lifts. Do different reps and sets. I started out with feet right in front of you held about 6in to a 1ft of the ground hold for a count of 10sec relax. Then take your legs to a 45 degree angle and do the same. I do sets of 50 but start where you feel comfortable. I would also suggest flutter kicks which is where you hold your feet in front of you and alternate lifting left right keeping both feet off the ground and do that for at least a minute.


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