how do i lose stomach fat?

ok so theres a party that im going to later on in may, and i know im not going to lose fat extremely fast and i dont expect to get a six pack or something, i just want to maybe be a little more toned. I am 5 foot 3, weigh like 132 lbs, and am 15 years old, and i want something where my workouts wont plateau, and i can continue with these workouts to get more toned. so first, what exercises can i do to work the abs, that i can do at home, and second how can i get good lower and oblique ab workouts, because those are the basic problem areas. also, how can i reduce my sugar intake, without completely changing what i eat, just a substitution here and there. p.s., i dont want my diet to completely change, just minor tweaks, and vegetables are not for me, i hate them, i know its hard to work with, but please help.

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  1. student said:

    Do alot of cardio everyday (running, swimming, jogging).
    Also, pay important attention to your diet. Keep the junk food away….


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