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How can eating less cause you to not lose weight?

Like I heard if you eat less than 1200 calories a day, you will not lose weight. How is this possible? And what about bulimics and anorexics? They obviously eat less than 1200 calories a day and they lose weight.
Also my sister in law eats only once a day and it is way less than 1200 calories and she is a size 2.

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6 Responses to “How can eating less cause you to not lose weight?”

  1. Isa said :

    There is not only a matter of calories but a matter of foods too.

    If you eat 1000 calories of fat or sugar and you do not move yourself you will gain weight.

    You can eat 2000 calories and lose weight if you do a lot of exercise or a very hard job.

    So, there is an interaction between your calorie intake and you way of life.

    If you want to loose weight try a low fat, well balanced diet and exercise.

  2. abbyy <3 said :

    that whole less than 1200 calories a day thing is a lie, in fact people only need 1000 calories a day to function.

    and the reason why they lose weight is because they stick to it. if you diet throughout the day, and barely eat anything, your metabolism slows and everything you eat will be stored as fat. that’s why you should always eat breakfast when you’re on a diet to make your metabolism stronger (:

    if you stick to it, and eat like 1000 calories a day and excercise you will totally lose weight.
    and make sure your eating healthy foods, not just junk food. if you’re going to eat 1000 calories worth of junk food everyday you might as well eat 2000 calories of healthy stuff.

  3. edoedo said :

    I’m afraid if i give you the wrong information because you are not me.
    The best way is for you to go to the doctor.

  4. debbiepittman said :

    I could lose some weight myself.

    I have heard, but am not sure, that if you eat raw vegetables when you can (over cooked), you get more valuable nutrients lost in cooking but takes more calories to digest helping to burn up some weight.

    I’ve also heard that eating more vegetable proteins like green soy beans and other products rather than eating so much red meat can help your weight and health also.

    For my own reasons, I’m looking into eating more vegetarian/vegan and dealing with less animal fats and oils.

    I also garden (vegetable and some flowers) plus have fruit trees so I’m into organic growth minus the poisons you can get from mass produced commercial growing. I have chemical sensitivities.


  5. Kyrstin said :

    i’ve thought the same thing… i think what happens iss… your metabalism gets even worse if you eat less… like if your sister started to eat three meals a day.. she would gain alot of wieght cuz her body isn’t used to burning that much food.

    but if she keeps up with eating one meal a day i think she will stay the same size…

    i’ve also tried the one meal a day thing, but i’m failing. i have no self control…

  6. steve said :

    Yeah, metabolism will slow down. But eating a very low calorie diet can be dangerous.
    A lot of suggestions you had in your other question for losing weight won’t work and will do harm rather than good in long-term. If you eat not enough or don’t exercise you’ll regain weight since you’ll have lost muscles too.
    Dont become an anorexic or become obssesed about these things just live sensibly.Get reliable advice, keep at it persistently, and stay motivated no matter what.


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