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How to lose weight going from a raw vegan diet to a meat eating diet?

I was recently put on a high protein- meat eating diet because of my Anemia.

I am afraid I will be gaining weight since I had been a raw vegan for several months prior. I don’t know how to control this fear; my entire day revolves around the calorie intake I take in now, and if it has fat, sugar, and what not. It’s really frustrating.

Can someone give me some healthy eating tips eating normal food? So I can still lose weight?

How often should I eat?

Thanks for the help!

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6 Responses to “How to lose weight going from a raw vegan diet to a meat eating diet?”

  1. cal-p said :

    Eat less work out more

  2. Katz said :

    You must know that you can get iron and protein from vegetable sources. I cant imagine why you would go from raw to meat. Why didnt you just go vegetarian and eat vegetables rich in iron? Why did you not just take vegetarian supplements?

  3. TenaciousD said :

    If you don’t eat sugars and carbs you will not gain wieght, you will probably loose. Eat lean meat and vegetables (leafy ones, not starchy ones). Take a fiber supplement if you get constipated and you will loose weight.

  4. Robsthings said :

    If you’ve not started yet, be prepared to get sick! You can eat the same as you have just throw in some chicken breast, or some steak. (also concider protien powders – they might help without a bunch of meat).

    But, it sounds like you were using your vegan diet to mask an eating dissorder. You may want to check that out too.

  5. vonda v said :

    I use to work as a dietary aide and I am a cook for different institutions.First of all protein can come from other sources such as eggs or peanut butter,protein shakes made from fruits and veggies together.Eat 3 small light meals a day meat such as fish,chicken,and turkey are good don’t fry grill,broil or poach hope this will help.

  6. * April * said :

    Here are some great websites to help you get started with weight loss. Good luck =) And if you decide to get an online journal of your progress, stop by my weight loss journal and let me know how you’re doin!! =)

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