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best type of exercise for getting fit…..?

I am very unfit and want to get fitter so I can do climbing in 3 or 4 weeks
I do not have money to go to the gym whats the best exercise to do Ive been doing power walking and hill walking.
i dont have a bike !

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15 Responses to “best type of exercise for getting fit…..?”

  1. gtfc99 said :

    jogging or skipping maybe

  2. myayro said :

    Swimming or cycling!

  3. Handsome 3K said :

    Running is the best excersize for you. It gets your heart rate up, it burns the most calories, you can do it anywhere at anytime and its free!!!

    Swimming is also a great work out, but its hard to find a place to swim (for me at least).

  4. old rug rat said :

    swimming is good or get a cheep bike lol

  5. shanefitz360 said :

    15 mins skipping is the same as 30 mins jogging. I like to keep a good variety but start slow and build it up

  6. Garth Crooks said :

    Swimming is best. But walking up hills is good too. You need good grip for climbing, so exercise your forearms and hands by squeezing balls. If you don’t have a boyfriend tennis balls will do lol

  7. Nicole X said :

    I’m young so I’m still learning my self whats good, but last year i had lost about 10pounds i worked out for 20 minutes at a time on the elicpitical, or jog for 10 on the treadmill, something to really get your heart pumping is also swimming, almost any type of carido will do. Another thing is dancing, do get discouraged if you cant do allot because it took me allot of time to build up my stamina and I’m still working at it (:.

  8. Jenkins said :

    Play a game of Squash. It burns the most calories than any other sport. It’s really fun too. Try playing a game and you’ll feel it!

  9. Alberto [Ajò] said :

    You have to walk walk walk a lot

  10. Abby said :

    what you can do is do exercises that will be taking like alot of enery at once like energy burst type like a lot of crunches and than do alot of mountain climbers and then mountain jumpers and then leg exstentions and so on but do not stop when you get tierd cause when you do you are not getting what you want and are just loosing everytingh

  11. mike mc said :

    Ok nice question but there is no “Get fit quick”. but as a few people have said running is a good exercise but swimming is your best bet, or even better combine yourself a “custom fitness regime” starting off at something you feel is hard work but mostly a challenge you can complete with effort. don’t give up halfway through your regime, if you do this you will get nowhere. i recommend you go to there is a brilliant fitness program here which goes up in stages!

    hope it goes well for you.

  12. Sai2301 said :

    walking itself is a complete workout..limit carb and fat intake and you will see results sooner..why not google online for yoga/pilates videos and try them out at home to make your fitness journey more fun?

  13. mert k said :

    jogging and swimming. If you do these, you will lose weight

  14. whycantigetagoodnickname said :

    It depends on lots of things and your lifestyle.

    For example, for me running anf cycling are my ways of keping fit, but they might not suit you.

    Walking is good for climbing and power walking even better.

    You could try swimming if you have a good convenient pool, or jogging if you want.

    In 3 or 4 weeks you wont get fit by joining in with a team sport but over time you would and they are great ways to kep fit – and social too.

    Once you have been climbing, keep it up, its a great work out as well as fun

  15. Bleep Test said :

    You can’t simply spot reduce belly fat. You have to do some serious exercise and have a very good diet to see any real chances. The best exercises would be cardiovascular related- running, rowing, cycling, swimming are all good examples.


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