Whats my best way of losing weight/getting fit without joining an expensive Gym.?

I’m 40yrs old and work long hours in a desk job. I really need to get fitter and slimmer but time is limited.

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12 Responses to “Whats my best way of losing weight/getting fit without joining an expensive Gym.?”

  1. Seryan said:

    Walk one hour each day and do fifty push ups. That’s all you need to do. If you can’t do fifty, do ten and build up to fifty.

  2. bjipp01 said:

    Walking on your lunch breaks, drink more water, watching what you eat.

  3. chase said:

    I hear you, I’m in the same situation. Try to go for a vigorous walk on your lunch hour- if you don’t get one, take one. Take walking shoes and a few things to freshen up to work and then you have no excuse. Or invest in a elliptical trainer and get up early at home and exercise although I have a hard time with that! Lunch is best.

  4. caroline1409f1 said:

    Walk more – up and down stairs – get off the bus a stop earlier etc…

  5. alex said:

    I work in an office too, but I go swimming in my lunch break.
    I’ve only recently started as I joined weight watchers, and its only 20mins but i feel a lot better for it.

    Walk to the shops and stuff too. You’ll be surprised how the weight falls off if you add 30-45mins of exercise to your day.

    Really watch your diet too, i was so surprised at how much I was eating before!

    Good luck.
    But remember, people love you as you are now, so try not to become too obsessed with losing weight.
    Remember why you’re doing it, to make yourself happier, not just slimmer.

  6. AuntTater said:

    Tai Chi.
    Nobody NEEDS a gym.

  7. Wafflebox said:

    I try and go for a walk every lunctime.

    Also, join Weight Watchers as you get everything you need to do the diet and it’s really easy. Personally I would do it from home rather than going to meetings as you then don’t have to pay every week. Also, it’s worth seeing as you can get the starter pack off ebay as it’s a LOT cheaper and you still get everything you need. Also, there’s a monthly magazine with recipes and ideas.

    Lastly, try doing exercise DVDs at home. You can usually get them really cheap from Amazon, Play or ebay. I think that Rosemary Conley would be best because she usually demonstrates 3 different levels of exercise, and you can start at the bottom and work your way up. Also her workouts are often just 30 minutes, or some are in 10 minute chunks and you can put them together if you’ve got more time.

    Good luck.

  8. mystycal2u said:

    Cardio is the best way to lose weight. Walking and running

  9. Robert said:

    The best way is to go for evening walks, and do sit ups and push ups first thing in the morning. Always remember to stretch first though, the last thing you want to do is strain yourself. I also know a good trick for leg strength, do squats with your couch, great set of weights every one has in their living room, and curls with buckets of water, again good weight and free and easy to get.

  10. GRANDADSHIRT said:

    Possibly buy an exercise video, they are cheap, esecially if you buy them second hand. Workouts can then be varied and many last less then an hour. Also buy an exercise bike, or a stepper and just do for brief periods during the day, such as while watching the news or weather forcast. Good Luck

  11. Morgan said:

    Drink alot of green tea to boost metabolism. The cold stuff is real convient and cheap. Stay active!! If you need motivation pick up a hobby that ensures you are moving and using energy. Ex.Adopt a puppy, biking, walking, sports! Don’t stuff your face with junk eat healthy food like veggies fruits. Or if you have the cash by an exercise machine, use commonsense you’ll start seeing results and feeling much healthier.

  12. jade said:

    I go jogging it is really good. i also try not to eat after 630 .


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