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Muscle Aches after exercise? Should i be concerned or is it just a part of getting fitter?

Okay so im only 20 years old………im a perfectly normal weight but however because i rarely exercise and i am very unfit.

So lately i have been playing football and just the other day golf. However i seem to keep getting aching 12-24 hours after exercising.

I just think that my muscles are not use to the exercise but should i be concerned of doing myself damage?

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5 Responses to “Muscle Aches after exercise? Should i be concerned or is it just a part of getting fitter?”

  1. SHIRAZZ said :

    its called DOMS and it means your muscles are getting stronger by reairing and building up microscopic tears in the muscle. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

    its normal. if you are not sore it means you didnt work out hard enough.

  2. Stephers said :

    It’s perfectly normal, but there are ways to reduce it. Do a warm up before exercising and a cool down afterwards. Also be sure to stretch the muscles you expect to be using before using them. Massage helps too.

  3. RomanceNdreams said :

    you may need to rehydrate, also a slow stretch of those muscles that hurt and if that doesn’t work, Gatorade if you live in a very hot area or you sweated a lot. Or you can drink orange juice 6 to 8 ozs. During you normal days, make sure you get enough organic milk or a magnesium supplement
    in your diet.
    if your electrolytes are off you can feel not only achy but also shakes and be stiff.
    so, try this breath, stretch before exercise, 5 minutes.
    drink water before, during and after exercise and add a wedge of orange, with lemon or lime to it next time. makes it tasty.
    keep hydrated.
    if you ache after and are stiff and sore, yes, it is because you don’t exercise often.
    i hope this helps.

  4. James said :

    Its called DOMS-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It occurs when your muscles sustain minor damage from exercise-if it was fairly major damage, like straining, you would feel it pretty immediately. And it would hurt a lot.

    Anyway, its caused by small tears in muscle. The most common scenario is that lactic acid is produced. This acidic environment causes some muscle fibres to stop working-meaning others have to work harder to compensate. This, in turn, causes them to tear.

    You should be fine. Just up your protein intake as soon as you notice muscle soreness, to speed recovery and, if you can’t stand the pain, take a mild painkiller. Don’t take too much, otherwise you won’t notice the pain subside. It should disappear if you only partake in golf and football-however, it may be a regular occurence during weightlifting.

  5. Ricky said :

    This means that you are probably getting a really good work out and using muscles that you may have not used before and this is normal. is an ingredient found in supplements that may help you with your muscles recovery time.


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