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Wii fit, does it help with getting fit?

I wouldn’t want to spend my hard earned on it if I could get a cheap exercise dvd instead. Has anybody gotten really fit using this? I’m cynical about it.
Thanx for all your answers, just said what I had thought already. I’ll save my money and get a dvd instead, that’ll give me something else to dust around and increase the amount of housework I do lol x

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6 Responses to “Wii fit, does it help with getting fit?”

  1. James said:

    I have the wii fit and i do think it helps slightly in getting fitter. It certainly is a fun way to exercise, it keeps track of your progress and gives you good advice. However, it isn’t the most efficient way of getting fit, the best way is to actually get to the gym and do some strenuous workout regimes.

  2. Skizz said:

    The only good thing on it is the jogging, the rest is fun, but not a good workout.

  3. bv_is_me said:

    not really. most of it is just fun. and sometimes not even that lol. wii can be very boring, and its not very good for getting fit.

  4. Randi R said:

    It all depends on your lifestyle and how you would prefer to exercise. Our bio: I consider myself a fit person and I would not substitute anything I do already with Wii Fit. However, my fiance, who does not exercise often (but still weighs 150 at 5’6″), is a different story.

    Before we had Wii Fit, I tried to teach him how to breathe through his nose instead of his mouth for everything he does, needless to say it did not work. Then we got Wii Fit, which he loves and it also tricks him into exercising and I don’t even think he knows it, and after about a month I noticed he was breathing lighter AND through his nose. He has lost a few pounds and has toned up quite a bit as well!

    He likes to do the yoga, which helps with his balance and breathing, strength exercises (he does the highest amount of reps possible and the challenges at the end), the basic and advanced step, hula hooping, boxing and jogging. The jogging is interesting because I never knew you could actually get a workout from jogging in place. I was proved wrong after joining him on a 15-minute in place jog!

    I know the Fit is great for him because after he gets finished he is sweating like crazy! For me on the other hand, I love the yoga and the fun games, but I have my own agenda when working out and am a little more self motivated in that department. For my fiance, it is either the Wii Fit or back to his usual very-little-exercising-self.

  5. bunnyblue said:

    i have a wii fit and was well worth the £70 they got a new wii fit where u put it on ur leg its great fun iv lost a bit of Weight on it but i only use it 3 times a week but i power walk with the dog.

  6. §|<$§ ≈ |)Γα¢σ∩φα∩ |╖α†╫ said:

    Yes, Wii Fit helps people get fit.


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