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Any ideas for the best way of getting Fit?

Hey guys. I’m seriously out of shape.
I want to get some exercise Equipment of some kind but i cant afford anything fancy and my local Gym is miles away. anyone help me out?

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13 Responses to “Any ideas for the best way of getting Fit?”

  1. GayMuslim4life_baby said :

    press ups and jogging–and try not to eat at takeaways.
    Exercise equipment? get a skipping rope –thats all you need—-pull up bar when you have been practicing!

  2. Maja P said :

    Try ebay maybe for cheap stuff? Just walk more if you have time, that sort of thing. Do you have a Wii and fitness board? If not, hint at it for xmas (if you celebrate xmas of course), they’re excellent and really work you out!

  3. Craftworker said :

    You have everything you need in your house.
    1>> Walk up and down your stairs X 10
    2>> Get a small bag of sand and start lifting it

  4. pedrobrosino said :

    joggin swim eat well and extremely get all kind of drugs you fund
    or better have a lot of sex

    by care you

  5. Ginny said :

    Ellipticals work great, but if you don’t want to spend too much money, a bicycle works awesome. I rode my bike to work ever day and back (so i biked about 5 miles a day and some extra some days) and i have lost ten pounds and got into good shape.

    also those big exercise balls are wonderful for your legs and abs.

    Good luck :]

  6. G.xi said :

    yahoo abs chair

  7. Yowwaa said :

    pushups and dumbell workouts

  8. Kamikaze Kirby said :

    i’ve learned the best way is goal setting
    you don’t need fancy equipment
    you don’t even need any equipment
    set goals
    [use the SMART goal system
    that is…
    let it be specific
    and time-bounded
    i’ll jog for half an hour tomorrow at 6am

    even if you get all the equipment,
    it’ll be for nothing if you don’t use it
    the best key is motivation
    and this type of goal helps

  9. Bex said :

    Get a wii and the wii fit 🙂

  10. Melly said :

    running and curlups

    running gets your heart running and burns calories and curlups give you abs =]

  11. the_crow1992 said :

    if you can buy some hand weights cause you can do a lot with that. And be sure to walk,run,or jog daily.And watch what you eat(but don’t count calories!!!) I love Burger King and i’m in the best shape of my life!just portion your food and try to eat a little more healthy with fruit,nuts,and stuff like that.Good Luck!

  12. Ror said :

    I found cycling is an excellent way to keep fit. I can’t stand jogging, as it’s too slow, and I can push myself harder going up hills for example. Also very good for your legs, obviously. Or how about cycling to the gym if it’s not too far away/you don’t mind cycling back after?

  13. Mad Frog said :

    Dude, get yourself a rowing machine – how else are you going to blow 1,000 Calories in 1 hour whilst sitting down?
    I went from a 36″ to 32″ waist in 1 year and resting heart rate now only 38bpm. I now only do 3 or 4 30 mins session each week to maintain.

    Don’t be tempted to buy a cheap one as they are not pleasant to use and hence you’ll give up after a few goes. Best thing to do is try some out and see which suits you. The undisputed daddy is the Concept2 but costs around £1,000. Even used ones on ebay fetch £700-£800. I hire mine from GMFitness as they’re still the cheapest for a brand new machine.


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