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What is the best exercise for getting better abs, lose fat?

Ok, here is the situation. I need to lose my pot belly, get better abs..whatever. The problem is that I havee scoliosis and a steel rod in my back. therefor I really cant do crunches. HELP!!!..Lots of people are mistaking me for being pregnant and i can take it anymore.

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2 Responses to “What is the best exercise for getting better abs, lose fat?”

  1. DeeRaye said :

    well you need to burn the fat first-crunches will swell your belly more since you will be building the muscle. do 30-45 mins cardio 3-4 days a week for a while (along with good diet) and you;ll notice your belly shrinking!

  2. mulligan said :

    In order to have abdominal muscles that you can see, you need to 1. tone the muscle and
    2. lose the fat in front of the muscle.

    The best method for doing this is aerobic exercise for losing the fat, and a training method (it doesn’t have to be crunches) for toning your ab muscles.

    You can lie flat on the ground and lift your legs, together, about six inches off the ground and hold them for a few seconds, put them down and repeat. Exercises like this should put minimal strain on your back.


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