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Will squats and lunges make me lose butt fat?

Im gonna try and lose some fat off of my butt this summer. Will squats and lunges just make it bigger? And will doing them burn the fat?

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20 Responses to “Will squats and lunges make me lose butt fat?”

  1. Veronika said :

    doing squats and lunges will make your butt firmer and higher

  2. inquisitiveworld said :


  3. Meru said :

    They tone, and shape…cardio burns…and its near impossible to do target weight loss…as you lose weight all over…

    but squats and lunges will help in shaping and toning, giving it a smaller appearance =)

  4. drummergal59 said :

    Squats will, lunges strengthen thighs and hamstrings.

  5. moe said :

    no it will tighten and tone them try running too or going up and down stairs it will not make it bigger

  6. Roxanne G said :

    yes they will help firm up your butt to lose fat but you should really combine it with a healthy diet and cardio.

  7. VioletRose said :

    if you do it long enough maybe.
    But i sud jest you do polities

  8. Brittany P said :

    It will make yo’ ass firmer(;

  9. Lauren said :

    those r mostly for ur thighs

  10. Trey said :

    Anywhere you build muscle, you’ll lose fat. So, you may not make it smaller at first, but it won’t be jello.

  11. spitonapit said :

    It will strengthen your butt and leg muscles, but you’ll have to do cardio to get rid of fat. Just like if you do ab work without burning fat off, your pant size will actually get bigger…so running before you do squats is key.

  12. straights4gayrights said :

    they will make your butt and your legs look awesome if you do them correctly

  13. manuel m said :

    You can’t really loose fat in targeted areas. By target exercise you just build muscle in that area. Exercise makes you lose weight everywhere in general. Also it depends on your genes (where your genetic code is programed to store the most fat)

  14. K D said :

    Those will tone the muscles under the fat, but to lose the fat and get a true toned butt, you need to either walk briskly, jog, run, swim, or any other type of aerobic exercise for 30 minutes to an hour a day (or at least 5 times a week).

  15. Michael said :

    Most definitely YES. Although you should do running and cardio more than squats. If you need to burn fat, you need to raise your metabolism. Cardio works great in bringing your metabolism up. Doing squats and lunges mainly improves your muscle mass which is not what you’re aiming for.

  16. kpdk1 said :

    they will tone the muscles under. if cellulite is not a problem don’t loose that butt! jumping rope and running will burn fat and calories, so does cutting down on all that junk food

  17. Carey said :

    you can not control where on your body the fat comes off. but you can tone and shape problem areas. if you work out doing lunges and squats you will tone and shape the muscles and that will tighten up the skin but the fat will still be there. If you use heavy weights when you do squats and lunges yes it will make them bigger so only use 15-45 pounds when you do them. ok.

  18. Joe said :

    Yes they will. So will walking & swimming.
    Weight lose involves both diet & exer. ( BOTH )
    Combine the above with Oatmeal &/or grapefruit juice for breakfast , & an apple or apple juice before lunch & dinner.
    You will amaze your self.

    Also drink lots of water

    Have fun..

  19. Anella said :

    Well; depends on how you do it. More reps little or no weight will help tone it and firm it, which will help burn fat, heavy weights less reps will also help burn fat, tone and firm, but build alot more muscle with faster results. If you are looking to lose then go with little or no weights with high reps more often,if your looking to make your butt thicker go with heavy weights low reps, no more than 2 times a week, when building muscle you have to let that muscle group heal first. Weight training also helps speed up your metabolism.

  20. Puntos said :

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