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How can I lose weight fast for summer?

I’m 15 and weigh about 127 pounds. I started high school as 107 and gained 20 pounds, and freshman year ends in 2 days. I need to lose weight fast and get rid of those 20 pounds! Please help me!! I’m in color guard, but that’s not helping me lose weight. Any help??

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2 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast for summer?”

  1. xxashleyxofficerxx said :

    same thing happened to me. :[
    just dont eat sweets&drink lots of water.

  2. Tea said :

    There’s a program called The Diet Solution Program which is very helpful and it does deliver on its claims. You can access the product via my blog Firm Thighs and Butt.

  3. Lyasinz said :


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