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How can I lose fat on my hips and stomach in 40 days?

My summer vacation is lasting only about 5 more weeks and I want to lose some weight. I’m not fat or anything, I’m just the smallest bit round around the middle. Any suggestions on how to lose so I can go back to school happy and in shape?

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6 Responses to “How can I lose fat on my hips and stomach in 40 days?”

  1. xdefleshedx said :

    atkins diet kicks butt! literally.. do the diet

  2. peace n love:) said :

    Do Cardio! stuff like running,jumping rope,jogging, jumping jacks almost anything!
    good luck!

  3. sake_girl1227 said :

    You can go on a very healthy food plan (no soda, just water lol) and cardio everyday, as for your mid section and hips, best bet are planks,sit-ups, and crunches. and for your hips i’m not sure but if your jogging and running that should help tone up everything.

  4. Ronetta said :

    work out everyday and eat healthy like if u eat pizza eat 1 or 2 pieces or like if u eat hot wings eat only 3 or 4 and eat the rest the next day only eat 3 times an a day because i get yo problem because im on a diet my sefl im overweighted i weigh 150 pounds but i know dats big but im on a diet so i get yo problem

  5. Karole Larke said :

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