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What daily exercises will help me lose weight?

I’m gonna try (again) to lose some weight, but I’m hoping this time to actually go through with it. I’m planning on quitting my video game addiction until I’ve lost at least a good 20 lbs.

What are some exercises I would be able to do every day (or every other day), preferably in my own home? (I have a garage, get’s pretty hot, I just prefer the privacy).

I want to get into a pretty consistant routine, so preferably something simple, and how many reps I should be doing each morning and/or evening?
Also, I know I can’t expect miracles, but if I could lose maybe 3-5 lbs a week, that’s really what I would like to see in my goal 😛

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2 Responses to “What daily exercises will help me lose weight?”

  1. doubledeuce44 said :

    Quitting a video game addiction is an excellent start. Video games (like TV) rob young ppl of so much free time that they should be exercising.

    Losing weight is ultimately about calorie reduction. To lose weight properly, you should slowly (and I mean slowly) reduce your calories consumed every day by keeping a journal of everything you eat for a week and the calories involved. Then remove just 200 calories worth every day for a week, then 100 more daily the next week, and then stop at that level till you reach about 70% of your current calorie total. This almost always can be done by eliminating crap food from ur diet like processed foods, sugars, and carb-laden sodas.

    At the same time, you should embark on a cardio exercise regimen for at least 30 mins 3x/week. I would also recommend that you hit the weights 3x a week as well (muscle burns 35% more resting calories than cardio alone).

    If you are consistent about exercise and can stay committed to slowly lowering your calorie consumption without triggering a starvation response from your body, you will absolutely lose weight, the healthy way.

    Some general tips:

    1. eat from smaller plates
    2. swap soda for milk or water
    3. eat smaller meals but more frequently
    4. cardio should be at 60% of your heart rate max every time

  2. Sherlock said :

    Try These Smart and Simple Guidelines To Lose Weight:

    Hope This Info Helps


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