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Will one lose some fat during puberty?

If one is just a little heavier than is acceptable for a certain height (pre-growth spurt) due to a little extra fat, will one lose this fat during pubertal growth without intensifying or increasing the amount of exercise already in place? Please tell me from experience or the experience of others.

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11 Responses to “Will one lose some fat during puberty?”

  1. rba01701 said :

    You don tlose fat but have a growth spurt so that the fat is dispersed more.

  2. jurassic3228 said :

    well i dont think so why are asking this are you getting fatter

  3. nikkiby_nature said :

    My younger brother is 15 and he was a little chubby growing up. However when he reached 14 he shot up and lost all of his ‘puppy fat’. It really depends on the person, not everyone can lose weight like this.
    All you have to do it adopt a healthy diet and take regular exercise and you should be fine.

    Paople aren’t all perfect genetic beings. We are all different and so what if some ‘chart’ says you’re a little overweight. Its all about how you feel in yourself.

  4. Fender said :

    No you can only loose weight if you matubulism is high that which you can get from excercise or even taking high matobulism pills such as herbalife it’s not a drug it’s nutrition and you can what you want while taking. I’ve only just starting for them myself to earn a bit of extra money on the side. Good luck buddy.

  5. someonewastalkingme said :

    I’m 15 too and before I started going through puberty i was really chubby. I had multiple growth spurts, shot up and it all dispersed. But then I figued out something. DIET AND EXERCISE!

    It’s as simple as going for a run, picking up some weights and eating the right foods. I would really recommend trying weight training(please if you need extra help e-mail me when I first tried I stuffed up my back with poor form) so yeah increase activity output+puberty+proper diet=happy strong teenager.

  6. Bob said :

    I lost weight during puberty because at 12 I was 5foot 4 and 125lbs then at 13 I was 5foot 7 and 112lbs I can’t really tel if I lost weight but when I went to my doctors he said I looked alot taller and thinner and my mom said I look like I’ve lost weight and she showed me pics of me last summer at the beach and wow I am much thinner it’s like all my fat just fell off and now I’m a rail

  7. Anonymous said :

    Yes you do lose some body fat during puberty because of the big growth spurt your motsbolism speeds up so it starts to burn your baby fat as energy and as you grow the fat that hasn’t burned off yet stretches out because of your increased hight so you look thinner and you can also lose weight during puberty like I did I was sort of chubby but I cut out fatty foods and ate only about 1500 calories a day so my body needed more calories then I was giving it so it burned my spare tire and double chin then I stopped my diet and started to gain some fat again and I didn’t like it I’ve been biking alot with my friend because he has a little bit of fat he wanted off to and after about to weeks we started to see results he lost most of all his fat and I lost most of mine now my close are fitting loser and I have to hold up my pants because they are so loose

  8. 123 said :

    Yes you will lose some fat during puberty and you will look thinner because the fat is stretched out more it happens more to boys than to girls because I’m a boy and it happened to me and some other boys in my class but it only happened to a few girls but because they do almost every sport and eat healthy

  9. Cba said :

    Yes you do lose some weight during your puberty growth spurt because when I hit puberty shot ip 4 inches and my granma asked me if I’ve lost weight and if I was on a diet and I said I wasn’t on a diet so she said well you really look slimmer how much weight have you lost and I said I lost about 10 lbs and grew 4 inches with out dieting or exercising and it took about 2 months and I’ve been biking alot around town lately and I’ve noticed that when I look in the mirror without a shirt on my stomach is smaller and getting flatter and you can sorta see my ribs and hip bones a little and I also haven’t been as hungry

  10. Oyeah said :

    123 I think it happens more in girls because I am in 7th grade and most of the girls in my class have gotten thinner since last year but the weird thing is that they didn’t get much taller so I think they are probably dieting and exercising because that is what my girlfriend is doing and she wasn’t all that fat but man now her bod is smokin

  11. Hi said :

    Cba Iv noticed the same thing about not being hungry because iv been losing weight to because I’m barley eating 1200 cals a day and I want to gain weight but I can’t and every day I look in the mirror and I’m slimmer and slimmer and I need to no how to gain weight


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