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How can I lose some of the extra fat under my chin?

I’m not heavy, but for some reason I have some fat under my chin that bothers me. Is there any exercise I can do?

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2 Responses to “How can I lose some of the extra fat under my chin?”

  1. Stranger said :

    There are many ways that u can get rid of extra fat but inorder to that u have to excercise even uf you are not heavy. Skipping(jump rope) helps..also chewing on gum helps to strenghten ur jaws but i dont know if it helps to get rid of fat.

  2. Christi F said :

    dont listen to the ‘cleanse your body guy’ he gives the same answer to anyone on here looking to loose weight…. seriously its a copy and paste job.i think he gets money if you click on his link or buy some of that stuff idk. i’m sorry i dont know the answer to your question but i thought i’d just warn you about that.


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