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How do i lose some fat under my chin?

so i almost have a double chin. some fat under my chin . how do i get rid of it?

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3 Responses to “How do i lose some fat under my chin?”

  1. joninjapan said :

    Chin ups!

    Sorry couldn’t resist. Lose it everywhere else first and it will follow.

  2. peejay said :

    unfortunately, most of i is genetic (if you’re not overweight). If you are slightly overweight, try losing a few it might help.

  3. fftigger said :

    your face is one of the first 3 places you will burn fat off (depends on gender- 3 are feet, chest and face w/ both though). Unfortunately a lot of where you care fat is genetic, and having to do with your face shape. there are some things you can do though! look up facial exercises online, and start there. just building up the muscles in your face will help tightne the area, just like anywhere else!
    Hope that helped!


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