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How to lose weight when you are already quite thin?

i am quite thin. Flat stomache and i have quite a thin waist however, i still have a double chin and fat thigh and a VERY fat bum.

i want to loose weight from my legs because they are so fat and so is my bum and i deffininately wanna lose the double chin.

how do i lose weight?

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8 Responses to “How to lose weight when you are already quite thin?”

  1. Elnora R said :

    Targetted weight reduction is quite tough, many people would declare impossible, nevertheless I melted away 2 inches from my waistline by following the tips on the site in the box below. Give it a try, their information is very down to earth!

  2. gracexx(L) said :

    its your figure, you have a rihanna figure ha.
    theres not really alot you can do,
    my friend had that figure, and it was more extreme before she started doing sports.
    if your parents have that double chin then its in your genes and not like fat youve put on.

    what you have isnt a bad thing! you can wear jeans and tight tops (:

  3. sake bomb said :

    maybe it’s the quality of the food you are eating…. if you eat processed foods.. of course you’ll be having flabbiness in parts of your body.

    how about eating fresh, whole foods and exercising?

  4. Marget J said :

    become Anorexic! ….. and stop eating and throwup after every meal and are a plus . rub tooth paste on your body just for fun!

  5. Blair said :

    you don’t unless you wanna die

  6. Kim J said :

    Most of these answers are pretty right… you’d have to lose weight from all over your body and your body would decide where to take it from. It sounds like you don’t need a diet pill, but maybe coffee? Or some energy pill? 8 hour energy helped me with weight loss

  7. Jason B said :

    To lose the weight in you’re thighs and butt the best exercise is cardio. Running will get those legs in shape quickly and use and elliptical machine would do the same and is easier on the bones since its less impact. Also doing squats will make that bum firm and get rid of fat. As for the double chin it will be near impossible to get rid of some things you are born with you can chang others you cant. Keep in mind doing cardio like running and the elliptical will burn fat all over the body not just in one place but I really think it will shrink the places where u want shrunk. Hope this has helped also eat healthy cut out all the fatty foods and this will shrink those areas as well!!!!

  8. Chris L said :

    all I have to say is I wouldn’t worry about weight as much as fitness.
    like some of the other answerer’s have said doing cardio would help and just eating well. Not just two peas and a carrot a day, but full meals with protein and vitamins and all those basic things.


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