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How can I lose weight when I already run 4-8 miles everyday and am always hungry?

I eat healthy most of the time and I’m on a college cross-country and track team. Two years ago, in high school, I weighed 120, now I’m 140. I’ve tried to restrict my calories, but I don’t lose any weight. And I’m always extremly hungry because I run 4-8 miles a day. If I wasn’t hungry all the time, I really think I could lose weight. Any suggestions?

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7 Responses to “How can I lose weight when I already run 4-8 miles everyday and am always hungry?”

  1. Jessica said :

    If you run that much you NEED to eat more protein, a high protein diet. have protein with everymeal

  2. Alexander said :

    I am a personal trainer and and studying to become a pharmacist.

    Eat 5 meals a day – 3 meals and 2 snacks meals and drink plenty of water. Always drink even if your body doesn’t thirst. When your body thirsts, that is a sign of early dehydration. With every meal, have a form of fiber, protein, and easy carbs [brown rice, wheat bread/ pasta]. As for the snacks have a glass of milk [dairy] with a fruit or half a cup of nuts. Half a bag of popcorn is also good for you but watch out for the buttery stuff.
    People say dairy is bad for you but that is a myth. dairy has proteins and other vitamins not found anywhere else to keep the body lean. Never go for whole milk. 2% milk is the highest I would recommend.

    Just remember to drink a lot of water and to have you last meal at least 2 hours before bed. Eat within half an hour after you wake up. Run or do cardio every other day and a little strength training days you are not doing cardio. Eat low fat protein i.e. chicken, turkey, soy and white meat. A little bit of the red meat is okay as it is needed by the body too. Avoid foods concentrated in saturated fats or packed with carbs (sugar).

    Any other questions, just ask me and I’ll be sure to help.

    And most of all do not forget to eat in small portions or don’t even starve yourself. Starving leads to fat build up because the body is unable to function without the meals that spread out throughout the day. If you are unable to catch a meal, have a snack or switch one of your meals with your snacks but not all of them (Only if you are busy or in an important meeting, that you switch a snack and meal around) – not recommended.

    You are only hungry because you are starving yourself. Follow my 5 meal plan and you’ll be losing weight in no time.

  3. Tony said :

    Your body is probably used to the miles of running everday, instead of running over such long distances try Sprinting up a hill for 10 minutes everyday.
    Learn to like green tea, there has been evidence that green tea may actually help loose weight because it boosts your metabolism.

    Drink green tea or water before every meal, it will make you feel more full so you will be less likely to want seconds or dessert.

    Hope this helps

  4. Rich said :

    There are lots of foods you can eat that won’t cause you to gain weight. Fruits & veggies are good examples but there are a lot more.

  5. sunnyblue said :

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  6. MKultra said :

    You have a problem with your perception of your body shape or your weight.

    Most people are not even *able* to run 4 miles. If you are running up to 8 miles every day you need quite a lot of protein, not a weight loss diet?

    Have you talked to a coach in this cross country/track team you’re in? Weight has nothing to do with fitness if you are active and not grossly overweight. You probably gained heavier muscle?

    There’s nothing wrong with taking break days and exercising in other ways like easy weights.

    Do you really think you are a fat person wh needs to ‘lose weight’?

  7. Meep said :

    I would also add that low vitamin levels can prevent weight loss especially vitamin D3 if low can mess with your weight and make you gain, 2,000 – 5,000 units a day help to maintain optimal levels of D3 in your body, good luck I know the struggle I had the same problem went to my doctor and the only thing she found wrong was a low D level once that wad fixed my body dropped the extra weight super fast!!


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