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How much weight will i lose walking 4 miles a day?

I want to lose weight, i am just wondering if anyone knows how much weight i will lose walking 4 miles a day for 3 months.

What benefit’s will i get from this type of exercise? will it get me fit? any advice/help will be greatly appreciated.
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2 Responses to “How much weight will i lose walking 4 miles a day?”

  1. Nick said :

    well with a diet as well maybe an estimate of 2-3 lbs a week, possibly? that’s great cardio tho

  2. JES2 said :

    You actually won’t lose much weight at all. The only way to reduce weight is to exercise at a high enough rate where the body needs to burn long term stored fat. That is why I recommend interval training for 15 minutes.

    You will lose the weight by walking, but it is short term storage weight. Once you eat, it will be placed right back. It is there for a reason.


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