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How is it possible to lose weight if you are not hungry?

Many weight loss experts suggest that you can follow a healthy and nutritious diet and lose weight. However they also say that you neednt be hungry. So how can you lose weight if you are not hungry?

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4 Responses to “How is it possible to lose weight if you are not hungry?”

  1. sunshinebuglover said :

    Eating healthy and exercising. Cutting out bad food habits of things like fatty foods and extra salt and sugar that break down into fats rather than being used by the body for physiological needs. There is more waste product in these foods so it is stored as fat. But if you drink lots of water and eat lots of healthy food you can fill up with out feeling hungry!

  2. Gareth W said :

    your body has to be able to adapt to the surroundings at the end of the day we are animals and our priority function is survival, so when we eat regulary all is well, as long as we dont eat too much as our body can’t digest it and therefore stores it as fat, if we eat too little our body feels as though were going into starvation mainly when eating very little and so when you eat a little more it stores food as fat. Generally eating 6 sensible meals a day including breakfast is a must will help fire up the metabolism and loose weight, but things like ginger green tea and black unsweetened coffee boosts metabolism, drink water as well this will help

  3. thabboywannab said :

    You have to distinguish between Calorie dense foods and Nutrient dense foods.

    Calorie dense foods are foods with lots of calories but little nutritive value, like ice cream, candy, pizza, greasy hamburgers, etc.

    Nutrient dense foods are fruits, vegetables, whole grain bread, milk, some cereals. These tend to have low calories for the amount of nutrients they give you.

    For example, it’s easy to eat a big mac, large fries and a coke for a meal. And if you do you’ll end up eating about 1600 calories in that one meal. Considering the average adult only needs 2000 calories (hence the 2,000 calorie based diet on most nutrition labels on foods), that one meal is almost as much as a person should eat in a whole day. But 5 hours later you’ll be hungry again. Now instead of that one meal try eating 8 bananas, 6 apples, and 4 oranges in one sitting. That comes out to be about 1600 calories also but you’ll be full before you finish all those fruits i bet. Another example are oreo cookies. Assuming 3 cookies are about 100 calories (I dont quite remember, I havn’t had one in so long), you could easily eat 12 cookies. That’s about 400 calories, instead trying eating 4 bananas and you’ll be a lot more full. That’s the key to never being hungry and still losing weight. Eating foods that will fill you up and give you lots of nutrients without taking up a lot of calories. Good luck.

  4. Joe M said :

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