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How can I lose weight when my birth control makes me always hungry?

I started taking birth control after having my second child, and now I feel like I am constantly hungry. It says right on the package “can increase or decrease appetite.” Of course I can’t have the decrease! But I want to lose weight, just about 10 pounds. How can I if all I want to do is eat?

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4 Responses to “How can I lose weight when my birth control makes me always hungry?”

  1. xxlove2101xx said :

    hmm, i think your stuck. maybe exercising right, and trying to buy those shakes like special k will help, those shakes are supposed to satisfy your appetite.

  2. Zobhir H said :

    Um. Im 12 so i think i know. I learned in health class that when you take a birth pill you’re bbody think its pregnant. So you become fat and hungry. So, next time. Use a condom 😉

  3. Susie said :

    Just use contraception, and not hormonal pills. So much easier.

  4. Juli said :

    Well, you have a few options– the first of which is try a different type of B/C if it’s that much of a problem. Many of them don’t affect appetite, the best of which is actually a non-hormonal IUD which has the least amount of those kinds of side effects. (unfortunately not an option for me)

    You can also work on filling your house with only healthy snacks, that way, even if you’re snacking, it’s good for you. Also snacks high in fiber can give you more of a “full” feeling.

    You can also work on increasing your exercise levels to compensate for the added consumption.

    By the way I TOTALLY feel your pain… I just switched methods because of a conflict with my old method and another medication, and I was told that my new option can sometimes result in unintentional weight loss, or gain… of course, I couldn’t get the loss!!! I’ve had to work my butt off just to maintain! And I was hoping to lose about 16 more lbs. I’m still holding out hope that when my gym membership goes back into effect next month that I can lose it even with the change.


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