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What some exercise you can do to lose fat on your face?

I wanna lose some weight but only on my face.. It seems like when I gain weight it only goes in my face and stomach.. I’ve been doing sit ups for my stomach.. what can i do to lose my fat face?

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6 Responses to “What some exercise you can do to lose fat on your face?”

  1. Ravenous_Robot said :


  2. titans_gators said :

    The face is hardest place to lose fat or weight off b/c it will probably transform diff if lose lots of weight. At least that is what happened to me. Lost 40 pounds and my face started to change, but took a while. And didn’t realize it until i got a haircut, so maybe it was the haircut. But overall I’d say chewing gum could be a start but just continue to change your body throughout the time.

  3. mezzo said :

    You can’t lose weight only on one part of your body by exercising. If you have a tendency to gain weight on your stomach and your face, that’s just the way you are.

    How about accepting yourself for the way you look and not worrying about it?

  4. Voice of Truth said :

    Its impossible to spot train fat from any one location on youyr body.

    Doing face exercises will increase the size of your face muscles solely and will only exacerbate your problem.

    You will have to lose weight in general until you notice it from your face.

  5. Buddy said :

    I lost face fat by simply eating less. Also, Try fasting for a month. If your serious enough.

  6. lefemepetite said :

    There is no such thing as “spot loss” you will have to bring your body fat percentage down as a “whole” and your fat loss pattern, unique to each person, will determine if the fat on your face is the first or last thing to go. By doing face exercises what you are doing is getting the muscle underneath toned maybe stronger or bigger. Face exercises are just not going to burn fat on your face. Same principle applies to stomach fat and crunches. Good luck.


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