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Whats a positive way to lose Weight fast? And What’s a fast way to get rid of Achne?

Im a little over weight and I asked this before, but people answered with mostly unhealthy ways. I Want to lose 10-20 pounds in a month, I mean even 5 – 10 would be fine.. Then I have a nearly PERFECT completion, except in my nose area, Any Advice for these Questions?

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3 Responses to “Whats a positive way to lose Weight fast? And What’s a fast way to get rid of Achne?”

  1. TheDarkLaith said :

    try almost zero fat, which isn’t unhealthy since fat is stored in the body if you already have some stored then you don’t need more. so thing like skimmed milk, zero fat yoghurt, zero fat cottage cheese; no fried food grilled and broiled only etc
    At the same time do some weight training since more muscle means more calories burnt. Try eating 6 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones. Also do some aerobic exercise, running, jogging, skipping, swimming etc

  2. thgreendiva said :

    First of all it is important to address why you are overweight- is it poor diet or lack of exercise? Then address this! To healthily lose weight fast you can actually try a grape/juice fast or pure water fast. It is best to do some research first. This will help you eliminate toxins which may be the cause of your acne. Basically you want to become healthy which will sort out both your weight and acne problems.

    Eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains. Do not consume refined flours, sugars, coffee, alcohol or fatty fast food. Some people find that weight problems are due to an intolerance of dairy or gluten so maybe see if cutting these out helps?

    If a fast is too difficult then try a raw food diet and drink plenty of water. You can try aloe vera to soothe skin while it is healing. Good luck!

  3. Steve said :

    If you are looking forward to losing weight, naturally, Phentramin-D is the right choice. Phentramin-D is a non-herbal diet pill which doesn’t contain any hoodia or other type of caffeine based products. It is a purely pharmacological diet pill with a unique chemical composition. It is reliable and effective diet pill on the market. Read more about the diet pill:

    Next, do regular exercises everyday. Start with jogging or cycling followed by other exercises. Eat healthy food which contains low calorie. Take more fiber and water. This would help.


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