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I want to loose weight and get a six pack asap. How can I lose weight fast and then build my muscle fast?

I weigh 160 and would like to get down to 140 soon. Whats the best way to lose weight fast and then build the muscle I need to get a sixpack.

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8 Responses to “I want to loose weight and get a six pack asap. How can I lose weight fast and then build my muscle fast?”

  1. unique k said :

    crunches 100 every night and drink water and water only and 3 meals a day and 2 snakcs its helps

  2. Mrs Carter said :

    Go on a really strict diet and work out like crazy!

  3. Jason L said :

    exercise duh

  4. T P said :

    First, you need to burn calories in order to lose weight. Also, it’s not something you’re going to do overnight.

    If you want to have some fun losing weight, I’d try out the Wii Fit. It’s a lot of fun and I burn a lot of calories (and the tennis game and the yoga is fun!)

    Here’s more info. about it.

  5. melissa said :

    There is no “fast” way of losing weight unless you do it unsafely. You need a steady eating routine and by skipping a meal and starving yourself, will throw your body off and you’ll end up stuffing your face later and gaining weight.

    So with that in mind, eat healthy food. Eat chicken or fish instead of red a lot of salad. Do small things too like switch from regular soda to water, and change ice cream to frozen yogurt. Instead of eating chips, try carrots or popcorn (The kind thats fat free) Making healthier choices will help cut down calories and help you lose weight.

    Also for six pack abs, the best thing to do are crunches
    Here’s a website that has all your questions solved:

    Good luck

  6. HipHopDancer1102 said :

    I already have like a line down the middle of my stomach so i’ll tell you how I eat heavy at dinner then eat light in the morning and at lunch also i workout for 3 and a half hours everyday but Friday and i do 500 cruches every night i got my results in just two days i started one night then the other night and in the morning after i took a bath i looked at my stomach and their was a line i was so happy LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST DO WHAT I DO or you can workout for like 2 hours and do like 100 crutches and RUN AROUND YOUR BLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. getbigorgohome53 said :

    Check out the programs here if you are serious:

  8. meghan said :

    go on the males nutrisystem diet.
    and in ALL of your spare time exercise!


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