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How to lose weight fast then build muscle?

im 14 and overweight. im 5’10 and 190 pounds. i was wondering how to slim down quick before school starts and then after i lose the weight how to build up muscle

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3 Responses to “How to lose weight fast then build muscle?”

  1. Jonnyboy said :

    tredmile run fast than walk this will increse the amout of caloris u burn

  2. Phalanx said :

    You should really focus on a setting up a good moderate-intense cardio program. Commit yourself to 3x/week and at least 30 min duration each time.

  3. Paul said :

    There are a few factors you need to look at when losing weight effectively:
    Diet, weight training, cardiovascular training, sleep

    I will briefly address each of these topics.

    Diet – When I say “diet”, I am addressing your eating habits; it’s important you don’t get into the whole hype about losing weight just based on what you eat. If you want to lose weight, make sure your daily caloric intake is within reasonable limits, don’t eat badly, cut out the sugar drinks (even orange juice, for example, is high in sugar). Adding in daily multivitamin pills and omega 3-6-9 pills into your daily routine wouldn’t be a bad idea. Getting enough protein in your diet is also important. Finally I just want to remind you that breakfast is important, and don’t make it habit of just having a sugary bowl of cereal. Skim milk is also a nice alternative to 2% or 1% milk (if you like skim).

    Weight Training – Fat can be lost simultaneously as muscle is gained. And this is very effective. Your metabolism is based on many things, and muscle is part of that. If you start losing fat based on cardiovascular activity alone – alongside healthy eating of course – you will lose weight, but that may not be enough. When you diet & exercise, but don’t incorporate some weight training, some of the weight you will lose will include muscle mass. By weight training regularly every week, you will help yourself keep your metabolism up and lose weight quicker (2-3 times a week if you don’t like it, or 4-5 times a week if you have a good plan set up). In addition to all of this, you will look better due to having more muscle (an example would be that having stronger abdominal muscles helps keep your stomach fat from drooping as much, making your stomach look trimmer, not bigger).

    Cardiovascular Training – You can do this after lifting weights, or on days you don’t lift weights. It’s just good for you. You want to go on walks and be active, but also do some cardiovascular training that raises your heart rate to a high enough amount that you are really getting a workout; don’t just stick to only walking (that won’t do everything you need for you).

    Sleep – Just get your recommended amount of sleep every night. 8 hours should be sufficient, but the usual amount is 7-10. Just go to bed at a good time, wake up at a good time, and you’re set here.

    In conclusion, you should read up on some free fitness articles and get to know more about weight training, cardio, and diet. There’s no need to pay for anything (the websites, books, and otherwise asking for $$$ won’t help you any more than free internet resources, no matter what they promise).

    Just remember that you should be focusing on a healthy routine, rather than doing everything quickly. You shouldn’t attempt to lose fat quickly, then expect to gain muscle after the fact and not gain a ton of fat back. You need to lose fat, gain muscle, and become more fit altogether, for the stage you’re at right now.


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