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What tastes good on Ryvita without making in unhealthy?

I’ve just discovered ketchup on Ryvita is amazing, and the amount i use can;t be bad for me, or prevent weight loss.

Any other suggestions of unusual HEALTHY things that work on Ryvita?

a ‘getting-slimmer’ marigaan……!

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16 Responses to “What tastes good on Ryvita without making in unhealthy?”

  1. Darth_Revan said :

    I just have it on it’s own! lol

  2. Bianca said :

    I love low fat soft cheese(a little goes a long way) and a drizzle of honey .

  3. cath lane said :

    BANANAS!!!! & jam…lol

  4. Kat said :

    My grandmother always eats Ryvita with quark and jam. Whenever she comes to stay we have to buy tonnes of the stuff. Quark is very healthy, has no fat!

  5. Jabel said :

    Absolutely nothing makes Ryvita taste good. It still tastes like baked cardboard.

  6. Beehive Ineferno said :

    lipase enzymes

  7. ZB said :

    Try avocado with cucumber slices. Delicious.

  8. jadore said :

    low fat cheese spread
    dip them into soup
    tomatoes and cucumber
    tuna fish
    low fat cheese slices

  9. BRAINS said :

    There are lots of low fat spreads you can buy, pastes and cheeses, you decide.

  10. beamer said :

    not for on ryvita but if you put them in blenda use them for fishcakes instead of breadcrumbs healthier and crisper and cook them in fry light instead of oil

  11. T M said :

    A slice of ham and a very small touch of mayo.Yum.

  12. THE Cupid HATER said :

    Low fat or non fat anything would be pretty good. Banana slices, just about any kind of fruit would do.

  13. icewitch said :


  14. Borderline_Babe said :

    Ketchup is very high in sugar, salt and, therefore, carbohydrate.

    I usually have Sainsbury’s BGTY cream cheese and smoked salmon.

  15. Dr Frank said :

    A thin smear of low fat spread + Marmite, love it or hate it.

  16. Joe Bond said :

    Cottage cheese with pineapple


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