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How to Lose a good amount of weight in 4 months?

I want to lose weight for the summer, and I would go to a gym but there so expensive for me right now, I’m in grade 12 so I’m saving for university. I was wondering what are some good ideas on losing weight. I don’t want to lose it fast because I’ll gain it back fast. But any suggestions on how I can lose a good amount of weight by july? Thanks! I’m 17, 5 foot something haha and i weigh 140

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6 Responses to “How to Lose a good amount of weight in 4 months?”

  1. i420ed said :

    do a daily calorie count for 1 week , average out the daily number, drop the calorie intake 500 to 750 caleries a day , maintain daily exercise.

  2. gogogo said :
  3. Melissa said :

    Cut cheese out of your diet.

  4. Yo said :

    I’d say eat around 1200 calories, and find an exercise that doesn’t cost anything, or very little. Walking can be very effective, especially if you can find somewhere kind of hilly, or on a trail in a park. Running of course, if your in good enough shape to. Also, consider renting workout videos if you have access, or renting them with Netflix.

  5. nelson brook said :

    Diet control,If you don’t want to go gym than do brisk walking gradually increase time Good Luck!

  6. x-xluvintomx-x said :

    its good that you realize doing it over a longer period of time will be better
    go for a run everyday or every other day, do lots of brisk walking; that’s really good for weight loss. also swimming a couple of times a week is good
    try and maintain your calorie intake to 1500 calories aday
    cut out fizzy drinks
    treat yourself occasionally to foods you like
    dont do grueling exercise everyday because your body needs time to recover so make sure you even exercise out
    crunches and sit ups are good for toning the abdominal muscles – i find sit ups quite hard so its easier to start off by having your feet underneath a bed or chair so you can help lift your body up.
    drink plenty of water


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