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How can you lose weight without making your self sick?

I would like to lose weight with out making my self sick and have to go to the doctors all the time ?

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4 Responses to “How can you lose weight without making your self sick?”

  1. JO said :

    just don’t take any exercise pills. don’t starve yourself…eating is good for you….just eat right…remember SALAD most of time has more calories than hmmm…a pizza. a lot of ranch goes a long way. basically those are the main things.

  2. manati 86 said :

    the best way is watching ur calories im on weight watchers and in a week so far i lost 4 pounds it really working and not making me sick u should loose no more then 3-4 pounds a week thats normal anything more than tht can get u sick

  3. Tara662 said :

    If you eat sensibly and exercise regularly you won’t get sick. I don’t.

    If you take a mess of diet pills and crash diet, you will get sick because those are not healthy ways of losing weight and your body is letting you know that by getting sick!

  4. kraziekewl said :

    Okay well first of all salad does not have more calories than pizza. If your looking for a good diet and your dedicated try south beach diet it’s quick. If you have a harder time eating right try weight watchers because that’s just a lot of low-fat and portion control which is pretty easy but the weight might take a little bit longer to come off. Also exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 min.


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