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What is a good way 2 exercise without losing weight?

I want to exercise without losing weight,in fact i want to gain weight in the asses.

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3 Responses to “What is a good way 2 exercise without losing weight?”

  1. Nate said :

    Lift weights, do cardio, and just eat more food (preferably healthy). Have fun and enjoy your soon to be juicy ass 🙂

  2. Robyno said :

    Weight Training along with some cardio. The weight training will build muscle with time if you do less reps and add more weight as you can. Muscle weighs more the body fat so if you train with heavy weights and low reps you won’t lose any weight but you will gain it. Eat a good balanced healthy diet, your muscles need nutrition to grow.

  3. creamysadie435 said :

    If you are trying to maintain your weight while getting toned the best way to do it is to consume the same amount of calories as you burn, a good way I know how to burn the same amount of calories you consume is to keep a log of what you eat and how many calories it has, and a very good website for calorie amounts in foods and how many calories an exercise works off in my opinion is and if you want to just gain a little weight the way to do it is to work off less calories that you consume, but this is not a good way to gain weight because fat will build around your muscles, but you can do exercises including leg lifts and I believe lunges can help tone your bottom. And I would also like to say that gaining weight and losing weight does not necessarily mean getting fatter because weight can also be gained in muscle mass, which is a good thing for your body.


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