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What is A good way to lose weight Fast but not unhealthy?

I’m overweight and want to lose weight I want to lose a noticeable amount in about a month and a half for the new school year. Is there any free diets I could try. I am 13.

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11 Responses to “What is A good way to lose weight Fast but not unhealthy?”

  1. Bella said :

    I lost ten pounds from taking a 10 minute walk everyday!
    You can do it (:

  2. Dru said :

    tell your parents to feed you real food and not the crap you’re probably getting now.

    And stay active, 13 year olds should NOT be overweight. You’re too young. Its great that you want to do something about it and its always better while you are still young.

    Start now and you’ll be healthy your whole life.

    Balanced diet; colorful vegtables, protein, lots of water, whole grains, fruits. If you stop meat for a while, that will really get you losing fat. Just substitute with a better protein like eggs, soy or beans etc…..

    Get active, join some sport in your school, run, jog etc etc…

  3. . said :

    the way you can do it but still eat almost any food, is to just eat smaller portions and one serving only. combine that with daily exercise like jogging or swiming or arobics/dance should help lose some weight without a drastic diet change

  4. [♥] said :

    Walk/run every day.
    Eat really healthy. have about 1000 calories a day.

  5. Undrea said :

    Yes, I have the same problem. And, I lost 9 pounds doing this and I lost an inch in the waist.
    I usually wake up and eat a low-fat yogurt and a banana. And for lunch, eat alot of protein. Like baked chicken breast or even grilled. Or a pouch of tuna with reduced fat or low sodium mayonaise or miracle whip. And, drink alot of water. Maybe for dinner eat some low sodium soup. Alot of veggies and fruits help. Try V8 juice. Don’t drink soda. Don’t eat junk food or fast food. If you get hungry, eat a granola bar or string cheese. Don’t starve yourself and don’t eat within 3 hours before you fall asleep.
    Start out with a power walk and do a mile and a half. If a power walk doesn’t work for you, go for a run/jog for 2 miles. Come inside and do sit up or crunches. Or you can simple buy an exercise video or workout on a channel. Dunbells or hand weights help lose weight in arms, legs, chest, and stomach. Good luck.
    Also, take a daily vitamin and avoid fatty dairy products like alot of milk and cheese. Try skim milk.
    I hope this helped, it worked for me! And, it’s not alot of money coming out from your pocket. If you STILL, don’t show results. Talk to your doctor about possible weight loss pills and continue dieting and jogging.

  6. Karen said :

    Hi Alyssa,

    Losing weight fast and in a healthy way is not as hard as people think. In fact, it can be pretty easy. Just cutting soda and sugary drinks from your diet COMPLETELY is just one awesome way to lose weight fast easy and healthily. (I lost 10 pounds alone only with that one change) That along with the other tips I’m going to share below (all are very safe and healthy) and you will be on your way to easily losing the weight and keeping it off.

    As cliche as it may sound you gotta eat your veggies. They are amazingly good for you, also raw nuts (almonds are best) fruits, and 100% whole grain breads instead of white flours (white flour is very bad for you, read up on it if you get the chance!) Try and stay away from fried foods and fast food as much as possible, and other empty calories and foods that provide you no nutrients, like ice cream/candy/cake etc. Common sense goes a long way with what foods to eat and how to be healthy, so use it 🙂

    Building healthy eating habits and keeping the weight off in the long term is what you should really strive for. Also, make sure you don’t count calories, it can drive you CRAZY! Just eat GOOD calories, and when your satisfied, stop eating. Try to eat more meals a day and portion them smaller, it really is proven to speed up your metabolism and burn fat way faster. If you mix this in with the other things I’ve shared, you will be on your way to easily losing weight and keeping it off.

    Just be persistent, set goals, make little changes and stick with them. You will get to where you want to be. You really have to want it, I did, and I’m at my goal weight now. Please check out my blog, I think you will enjoy the information and my weight loss story. The link is below and best of luck hon.

  7. Ally J said :

    Here’s an excellent way to lose weight. And no you won’t gain it back, trust me. On average people only gain a couple of pounds back by eating healthy afterwards.
    You have probably heard that not eating is bad for you, but it can be very healthy too. And you don’t have to workout to do this, unless you want to.
    I know people who have went on water fasts for up to 30 days and were very healthy afterwards and were fine the entire way through. People tell you that it slows down your metabolism, well yes. But what other reason do they give that it’s bad? When you get done doing it, the first couple of days only drink juice, water, and soup. Then move to whole foods. I’ve heard of people losing 20 pounds in 14 days and they were exactly my height and weight(5’8 153 lbs). But you have to drink purified water everyday and at least 6 glasses of it. You will not become anorexic as some people will say, as long as you stop before you get too skinny. And don’t go straight to food when you get done, that’s why I said juice and soup first because your body will reject the food.
    This woman did it for 30 days and lost nearly 30 pounds. She has a video for everyday she did it.
    You can also search water fast on Youtube and watch other videos

  8. RNjohn said :

    Eat a good breakfast one that is high in fiber and low-fat( example: oatmeal with skim milk). And don’t skip breakfast, skipping it would slow down body metabolism and make you gain weight.

    Eat more of fresh fruits, vegetables and raw nuts. These kinds of food are fat burners and so are spices and green tea. Check out: for more of these fat burners.

    Avoid food and drinks high in sugar. Sugar makes the pancreas to release insulin and to much of sugar and insulin makes the body store fat.

    Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Oftentimes thirst is mistaken for hunger and by drinking plenty of water you would tend to eat less.

    Exercise for at least 30 minutes(1 hour is better) for 5-6 days a week. Exercise boosts metabolism making you burn calories even when at rest. Aerobic exercise like brisk walking, jogging, bicycling/biking(real or stationary) is good for losing weight.

  9. Stranger359 said :
  10. XXwaitformehh said :

    DANCE ! You may not realize it , but dancing is a GREAT way to lose weight . If you have channel 891 , (Music on Demand) CRANK IT UP !!! I’ll stand around and dance in my pajamas ! And if you already know how to dance , try to mimic the steps on TV ! I listen to “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston , and i can do every step in there ! (and it’s free)

  11. You're Pal said :

    Just eat healthy and exercise. It’s cheap and the healthiest way. =D


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